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5 Types of Lights that Would Fit Any Garden in Edinburgh

From the historic gardens like the Princes Street Gardens and the Pitmedden Garden to the newer national parks that are all over, Scotland has cemented its name as a nation of gardeners. In Edinburgh, the gardens are green, the roses beautiful, and the style is chic, but there’s something that would complement all of those qualities and make your garden stand out. Lights are an underlooked adornment that is extremely important if you want a great-looking garden. Apt use of lights will bring out the true color of your roses and complement the aesthetics of your garden. Here are 5 types of lights that are decking gardens:

Garden Wall Lights

Garden wall lights do the double duty of lightening up your garden and decorating your walls. They are extremely versatile when it comes to shapes and sizes. So, whether your garden is full of soft-looking Scots Briars or the more imposing Floribunda, you can be sure that you can find a Garden Wall Light that will suit your needs.

In-Ground Lights

In-ground lights help you put the spotlight on the plants you most cherish in your garden. These lights can help you create a mystical atmosphere that will be eye-catching and memorable. However, due to it being in-ground, its uses are very limited, and you have to use other types of lights to offset its narrow uses.

LED Candle Light

Not only are these lights excellent for Christmas, New Year’s, and birthday parties, but they are great for people who want their garden to have a more traditional Victorian style. Candle lights come in various sizes, colors, and frames, so in case you have a small personal garden or are responsible for upkeeping your family’s large garden, you could use these environmentally friendly and energy-efficient artificial candle lights to put a unique spin on your garden.

String Lights

Aside from decorating trees and houses, string lights aren’t used at all for decorations, which is a shame. They are literally made out of strings, so it makes it really easy to use it to bedeck any object whatever the size and shape. If all else fails, you can always count on string lights for the more exotic items in your garden.

Lantern Lights

These lights have been part of the Chinese tradition for the last several thousand years, and they’ve refined them and perfected them for just as long. Lantern lights are one of the plethora of reasons why Chinese people were highly regarded for their artistic skills throughout Eurasia. So, if you ever wanted to go for a more Asiatic look when it comes to your garden, you have an extremely long list of designs and shapes of lantern lights to choose from.

Deck Lighting

While not specifically for gardens, deck lighting is useful when you want to light up any structure. You can make use of it to keep all of your house’s style in-sync. If you have consistent lighting throughout your whole house, it would provide a pleasant ambiance and a steady look, which your family and guests would appreciate and remember.

Lights are Important

How you light your garden in most cases will be the difference between it looking grey and dull or attractive and colorful. Through this article, we’ve explored some of the ways yours could be turned into the latter.