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Why Does My Dog Lick Me In The Morning?

Nothing in the world feels quite as blissful as a pup in warm hands, licking away at your thumb. Now, fast forward one year, and your tiny puppy is all grown up especially if you’re feeding it the best puppy food for corgis. So, picture this if you can? Your furry friend bounds towards you and slathers you with kisses all over your face. If it is a tiny Chihuahua, it’ll pass. But, consider your Great Dane smacking kisses at you. Not a very dreamy scene, is it?

Dog sense of taste and sense of smell are the keenest. Many studies using a dog’s olfactory senses show that dogs feel real joy when they sniff out their pet parents. So, what do dogs do when they want to show affection? Continue to read on to find out.

What Do Dogs Do To Exhibit Fondness?

Unlike your ex, when your fluffball sees or smells you, it’s always happy. The first response of most dogs when they see their pet parent is to yap or give one loud bark to say hello. The next move is either to muzzle or snuggle. And, finally, comes the lick or the kiss.

Dogs show contentment, happiness, or love by wagging their tails. And, if you’ve been away for a while, then you can be sure that your doggy is going to bound around the whole room for a minute or two before settling down.

But, if you think that licking is only a sign of affection, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Reasons For Licking

Research shows that dogs communicate through gestures as well. Licking happens to be one of those gestures. But, it isn’t brilliant to believe that licking is always a sign of love. No, your dog may lick you to calm you down.

When dogs feel that there is too much stress in the environment, your puppy will come and give you a big lick to relieve some of that tension. If you happen to be asleep and may suffer from sleep apnea, then your dog will make it a point to lick you awake.

Furthermore, if dogs sense a threat, they may even lick their pet guardians to alert them of the impending doom and gloom.

As a matter of fact, some cases have come forward where pet parents suffering from tumors found their dogs licking in the particular spot where the tumor was forming. But, everything isn’t always about you. Sometimes, your dog needs you to take a look at it. If your dog’s suffering from buccal problems, it may lick you to get you to pay attention. But, if you may still wonder why your beloved pet goes crazy, licking your face in the morning. Well, wonder no more.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me In The Morning?

Dogs tend to lick the scent of their pet parents. They even learn to appreciate the salty taste of your sweat. And, they can easily sniff out any leftovers from your midnight snacking smeared across your face first thing in the morning. Combine all these reasons with the urgency to head out to relieve themselves, and you have your answer.

The Conclusion

Here’s to hoping that you find the article a fun read as well as informative. And, yes, it is a good idea to curb excessive licking, no matter the size of your dog. But, remember that your dog loves you, so train. Do not reprimand. It’s the best way to create a healthy bond between you and your canine.