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5 Best Air Conditioners of 2020

Summer is here, and with it comes extremely hot temperatures. Although the heat may be a nice change at first, over time it can become unbearable, In addition, overexposure to heat can lead to some major health problems, so cooling off is vital. One of the best ways to do this is with a central AC unit, something that can chill your entire home. So what air conditioners have the best ability to cool your home down and make summer a little more comfortable? Here are the five best air conditioners of 2020.


One of the most popular air conditioner brands on the market is Heil, and it’s not hard to see why. Overall, Heil has some of the best air conditioners that you can get, scoring well in many different categories. Heil air conditioners are made with powerful and efficient components, meaning that they’ll do a great job at cooling your home. In addition, Heil air conditioners aren’t that expensive, especially when considering performance, so you’ll certainly get great value out of a Heil air conditioner. If you’re looking for an air conditioning unit for your home this year, then it may be hard to top what Heil has to offer.

American Standard

It’s hard to find faults in American Standard’s air conditioners. The brand makes air conditioners that are highly efficient and powerful, having some ACs that are truly top of the line. American Standard has air conditioners that are so reliable and efficient, that it’s sometimes hard to justify going with a different brand. That being said, if you don’t live in that hot of an area or don’t plan on using your AC that much, then it might not be worth paying a large amount of money for a top end AC. However, you can’t really go wrong when purchasing an American Standard air conditioner, so you should strongly consider looking around your area for American Standard HVAC dealers.


Another great air conditioner brand on the market is Rheem. Although Rheem is traditionally known for their water heaters, the brand also makes some great air conditioners as well. Rheem makes quality affordable air conditioners, meaning the brand is the perfect option for those wishing to stick to a budget. Rather than spending lots of money on a high end air conditioner, one can simply purchase a Rheem air conditioner for a much lower price. Rheem’s air conditioners are very cheap when compared to other options, yet they still do a great job, something that makes Rheem one of the top AC brands of 2020.


If you live in an extremely hot area, then Amana may be the best option for you to go with. Amana air conditioners have very high efficiency ratings, and the company prides itself on powerful, effective, and efficient products. In addition, the price of the unit isn’t even that high, meaning you’ll get some great value out of the product. That being said, not everything is positive about the air conditioner. Installation costs for Amana air conditioners can get quite high, causing the overall costs to rise. Due to this, you may want to pass on Amana air conditioners unless you live in a really hot climate. However those in hot climates will find that few brands can match Amana in efficiency and power.


When it comes to air conditioners, you want something that’s going to be reliable and last you a long time. Having your AC break down on a hot summer day is awful, and is definitely something you want to avoid. Thankfully with a brand like Lennox that scenario will almost never happen, Lennox is considered to be one of the most reliable AC brands on the market, with the vast majority of customers reporting no problems with their AC at all. If you want reliability and durability from your air conditioner, then Lennox is definitely the way to go.