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How to Choose a Reliable Plumber

There are a lot of plumbers operating today. While some have been in the industry for years, others have just recently started their businesses. If you’re a homeowner who is planning to hire a plumber soon, choosing one can become a struggle. You’ll be bombarded with options that you’ll likely end up being clueless on who and how to pick. Let this article help you choose a reliable plumber.

Aside from checking reputable websites such as, here are some tips when choosing a reliable plumber:

1. Ask Your Social Circle For Recommendations

When a customer has experienced satisfactory services from a plumber, expect that they will rave about it. They will usually tell their friends and family about their experience and relay how happy they were with the services a plumber has provided them. When choosing a reliable plumber, start by asking for recommendations from your friends. If you know someone who has recently tapped the help of a professional to fix a leaking faucet or clogged drains in their homes, ask for their referrals. Since you personally know these people, ask as many questions as you can. It’ll be easier for you to choose if you’re well-informed about the track record of a particular plumber.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to ask your friends if there are any plumbers you should avoid as well. These plumbers might not have fixed the plumbing problem of your friends, have aggravated a simple plumbing problem, or are actually part of a scam. The experience of other people can save you from being tricked or wasting a lot of money.

2. Continue Your Search Online

No matter what type of information you’re looking for, the internet can provide answers. After asking for recommendations from your friends, continue your search by using the World Wide Web. This tip can do wonders in finding a reliable plumber, especially if none of your friends have experienced working with one in the past.

Check the websites of different plumbers who are operating in your area. Navigate through the customers’ feedback section and take note of the customers’ comments. You can also try searching in social media platforms and online communities that talk about plumbers. The more information you have about a particular plumber, the better.

3. Always Ask For Licenses

One of the last things you want to experience is being scammed by an individual who pretends to be an experienced plumber. Aside from taking all of your money, working with this kind of people can also worsen your plumbing problems and might require you to pay for more expensive repairs in the future. You can steer away from this direction by asking the plumber you’re eyeing to hire for their license. This document can guarantee that this person has undergone the required training for the job and was actually permitted by the state to work as a plumber.

If the plumber you’re talking to doesn’t provide you with any licenses, start scouting for other options right away. A “plumber” who can’t present any license is usually a scammer.

4. Don’t Forget About Customer Service

The service and the price offered by a plumber are two of the most important deciding factors when hiring. Most homeowners would choose to work with a plumber who provides excellent services at a reasonable price. After all, no one wants to break the bank just because they want their leaking pipes to be fixed. But while these two aspects are important, you should never forget about customer service either. This should also be a factor to consider when you’re choosing a reputable plumber.

Pay attention to how the plumber treats you as a customer. Is the plumber professional? Do they answer all of your questions with respect and courtesy? Do you feel valued whenever you’re talking to them? Plumbers in your area can offer the same services but keep in mind that their quality of customer service will be different. Only work with a plumber who is interested in creating a healthy relationship with their customers, not someone who is clearly just after your money.

Choose Carefully

You’ll be entrusting your home’s plumbing to the plumber you’ll end up hiring. To ensure that your hard-earned money will actually be paid to a professional who can fix or improve your home’s plumbing, use this article as your guide in choosing. A lot is at stake, which is why you should never make any rash decisions when hiring a plumber.