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Modern Home Security Gadgets That Are Worth Your Money

Enough has been said about smart homes and the security features it brings to the table. The fact that the smart homes market has swollen to over US $50 billion globally with promising growth forecasts is validation in itself. Security cameras, smart lights, appliances and alarm systems are now bundled offerings for almost all new homes.

Smart locks, alarms and security cameras are now commonplace. With the need for increased security and a seamless home automation experience, there is always a thrust for added products in this space. We have put together a list of trending home security products that help strengthen the safety of your home.

Contact Sensors

Home security is incomplete if you don’t include your windows, porticos, balconies and other open spaces in its purview. In fact, for a drawer or a cabinet that holds valuables, most smart safety devices fail to do the needful. Behold, a contact sensor!

Contact sensors are mechanisms that sound off any touch, contact or movement of a secure object. It involves a magnet and a sensor installed on two the two moveable parts of the area in question. For a door, it would be the door itself and the frame. Any movement triggers off an alarm and a smartphone-enabled alert of your choice. The technology can also sync with other smart phone devices through a Bluetooth connection to kick-off alerts.

Wedge Alarms

Wedge alarms haven’t quite been packaged as a conventional home security device, although it is certainly one that’s makes a strong case for itself. It is especially handy as a security gadget you can carry with yourself on your travels to secure your hotel room, meeting room or any area. Simply place your door wedge alarm under the door leading to the area you wish to secure. Any attempt to open this door will sound off an alarm loud enough for the street to take notice.

Laser Tripwire

Most home security appliances such as alarms and contact sensors are preventive in nature. A laser tripwire, on the other hand, is one that can soften the damage or reverse it. Let’s suppose there has been a break-in at your home (despite all the security mechanisms, perhaps a burglar who has got lucky), a laser tripwire can be of great help.

This nifty home device helps sound off an alarm while clicking a picture of the burglar alongside. Before you know it, this image reaches you and any emergency contact you assign. It also has a features of alerting the cops and uploading the image on the internet. Suffice to say that the intruder can’t cover much distance away from your home before you or the police track him down.

Memory Switch

If a burglar lurking in the fray is looking to break into your home, he would want to try his luck when you are not at home. And, what better giveaway to your presence than the lights in your home? That’s where a memory switch comes in. This smart device can sync with your smart lights and automatically turn on your living room/bedroom lights at the time you are likely to return home (even if you aren’t!) For all those meetings that run late or those night-outs where you forget to swipe your smartphone to turn on your house lights, know that your memory switch will step right in and save the day.

Cash Cassettes

With the advent of increased business-based travel and temporary homes for work, the need for portable safe vaults arises. After all, there’s only so much you can trust the safe your hotel room or company accommodation provides you. Just like the door wedge alarm, cash cassettes have emerged as a reliable solution to this requirement. Think of it as a portable vault that can hold small amounts of money for you while you are out and about. German cash cassettes, also known as Geldkassette, are known for their quality in the world over. Choose from leading German brands and guarantee safe-keeping of your cash when you are outdoors.

Leveraging technology and devices to boost the safety of your home and belongings has never been easier! Invest in the above gadgets in addition to your smart home security systems and enjoy complete safety at all times.