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4 Tips to Help You Enhance Your Safety at College Parties

College is a place that helps shape one’s future. So most individuals always want to focus on their studies when they go to college. However, there is more to college than academic work. Here, students also make new friends, participate in extracurricular activities, and even play leadership roles. As a collegian, you should live a wholesome life. In simple terms, have fun as you study. 

Parties are common occasions in college. Students have birthday parties, cultural events, or organize fun events for themselves. During these events, people play games, interact with each other, and even drink alcohol. 

Most students are never sure if they should attend these parties or not. Some feel that they may not be safe when they attend such events as there have often been cases of theft and even sexual harassment during these parties. So how do you ensure you’re safe as you have fun at college parties? Here are some practical tips.

Eat Before You Attend the Parties

You should maintain your physical and mental well-being as you attend parties. Therefore, you need to consume the right foods before taking the alcohol provided during these parties. Although the party organizers may assure you that there will be food at the event, do not take their word for it. In some instances, the food may not be enough, or it could be something you do not eat because you are on a strict diet.

Another reason you should eat before going to parties is because alcohol may leave you feeling sickly when you take it on an empty stomach. For instance, you may blackout after just taking a few shots. So ensure you eat well before heading to a party to avoid becoming vulnerable after a few drinks.

Besides, you should ensure that you are hydrated before and during the party. For instance, you can take a glass of water every time you finish a bottle of alcohol. If you aren’t sure if you’ll find water at the event, you can carry yours. Being adequately hydrated reduces the hangover you’ll feel the next day.

Go to the College Parties with People You Trust

Friends are not just people you look for when you require paper writing assistance. They also come in handy when you need people to watch your back at the parties. In most instances, the college events attract huge crowds. Some of the attendees may be people you’re not familiar with. So you shouldn’t assume that everyone at the party is a student and you’ll be safe around them. 

The right friends are likely to know when you’re drinking beyond your limits. They can take care of you when you’re too tired to do it yourself. Furthermore, always leave parties with the people you came with.

Charge Your Phone and Ensure It Is Functional

Some college events attract a large number of people. It is easy to lose touch with your friends in the course of having fun. You may compromise your safety when you’re around people you don’t know. Keep the communication lines open just like on credible websites like

To ensure your friends can locate you, charge your phone before attending the parties. Create a WhatsApp group where you inform each other about your whereabouts periodically. Remember that you also need to take care of your friends. So make it a habit to text or call a friend you came with, and you can’t see around.

It is common to give a friend your phone to carry for you during parties. Sometimes you may leave the device unattended as you enjoy yourself. These habits are a recipe for losing your phone. To be safe, wear outfits with sizeable pockets so you can always have your phone with you and value it just as you would when you get the best writing services.


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Do Not Surpass Your Drinking Limit

It is common to get carried away by the events of a party and drink beyond your limits. It is another recipe for trouble as it makes you vulnerable. The following will help you drink responsibly. 

  • Take a break from alcohol when you begin feeling tipsy
  • Tell a friend to monitor you
  • Avoid taking other people’s drinks

Closing Remarks

College events are fun. However, you need to stay safe while attending them. Eat adequately, go to the parties with friends you trust, and keep in touch with your friends. Besides, you should stay within your drinking limit.