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5 Signs You Need to Call an Emergency Plumber Right Now

It would be very unwise to ignore any problems that you think you are having with your plumbing and the situation could easily escalate into a disaster if you don’t heed the warning signs. 

There are a number of classic warning signs that should prompt you to call a plumbing company as a matter of urgency. 

Here are some of the things that should result in making that call straight away. 

Problems with your water pressure 

You run the tap and notice that the water is not flowing out at its usual rate. That is telling you that there is an issue with your water pressure. 

If your water pressure is noticeably lower than it usually is you should note that this is often a sign that a potentially bigger issue is about to happen if you don’t take action. 

The problem is usually a sign of a problem with your water supply line and it could be something like a valve malfunction, or a frozen pipe if the temperature dial has dropped. 

Either way, call a plumber straight away if you notice that your water pressure has dropped. 

A bad smell is not good for several reasons 

Your nose could be used as a reliable indicator of a problem with your plumbing. 

A bad odor tends to suggest a sewerage problem that needs emergency attention. The bad smell hitting your nostrils could be classed as a minor inconvenience if you don’t get a professional to find out why an unpleasant odor is invading your space. 

Problems with flushing your toilet 

We have all had to reach for the plunger to try and clear a blockage in the toilet but what happens when you have a problem that the plunger can’t fix? 

If your toilet refuses to flush away properly and won’t clear with plunging that is a sign that a more serious blockage is creating a problem that is only going to get worse. 

Get a plumber involved as soon as possible. They can investigate and discover what is causing the blockage and get it fixed before you have an overflow problem to deal with. 

Slow to drain away 

Slow drainage issues might be a simple sign that you need to clear some minor debris from your sinks like hairs from the shower or sink. However, it is wise not to ignore a slow drainage issue for too long as you are only storing up trouble that could soon become a bigger headache to deal with. 

Slow drainage is actually a good indicator of a bigger plumbing problem and that’s why it is best to call a plumber when this is happening. 

Water where it shouldn’t be 

Water is very pervasive and can cause big problems if you notice water in places where it shouldn’t be inside your home. 

Any sign of water staining on your walls or ceilings should prompt you to call an emergency plumber without delay. 

It could be something simple but frustrating like a bath that has been allowed to overflow, but if you have checked the obvious and can’t find the root cause, there is no time to waste. 

Plumbing problems won’t go away by themselves and it makes sense to call in professional help as soon as you notice an issue in your home.

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