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Renovating Property To Rent? Here’s What You Need To Know

Property renovation can be a daunting process. There are so many decisions to make and tasks to complete. As a result, most homeowners are looking for advice and guidance from the Best Buyers Agents in Brisbane Realtors to advise on the best renovation options and what pitfalls to avoid. In this post, we share some tips and advice to help you renovate your property to sell it faster and for more money. However, if you plan to renovate your property to rent, you need to consider some basic things.  Follow a slightly different set of guidelines and do things in a specific order. Here are some tips to help you renovate your property to rent.

Tenants Are Attracted To Properties with Clean and Well Painted Walls and Floors

Tenants want to move into rental properties that are well maintained. They do not want to be confronted with mould and mildew on walls and floors if they don’t have to be. So, if you plan to renovate to rent, start by painting the walls and carpets of your property. The colour and finish you choose should be neutral so that future tenants can easily repaint the walls if they wish to change the property’s colour.

Kitchen and Bathroom Are Very Important To Tenants

Tenants will pay a premium for properties that have attractive and modern kitchens and bathrooms. So, if you are renovating to rent, be sure to put in new kitchen cabinets and bathroom fittings. In addition, make sure the kitchen has ample cupboard space, a dishwasher, and quality benchtops and appliances. And don’t forget to give the bathroom a complete makeover as well.

Tenants  Concerned About their House’s Heating and Cooling Systems

Tenants are very concerned about the condition of their home’s heating and cooling systems. If you plan to renovate to rent, check that your system is in good working order. This will go a long way in ensuring that tenants can leave the property at the end of a rental period and not have to worry about paying a costly utility bill.

Lighting Is Very Important To Tenants

Lighting is very important to tenants. They like units with ample lighting and natural light to see clearly when performing tasks in their rented property. So, if you plan to renovate to rent, be sure to add skylights and windows that allow natural light into your unit. Additionally, make sure the lighting fixtures are in good condition. If you can, replace the outdated fixtures with lighting fixtures that are more appealing to tenants, you will have a much more attractive property to rent.

Do Not Forget The Outside of the House

When you are thinking of renting your property out, it’s important to remember the outside. It is the first thing potential tenants will see when they view the property, and it may attract or repel them. If you plan to renovate your property to rent, make sure that the outside looks smart and presentable, as this will attract tenants. If you have the time and the financial resources, you may consider painting the unit’s exterior, including cleaning and preparing the yard before tenants move in.

Tenants Appreciate Good Security

Good security is very important to good tenants. It is essential if you plan to renovate with the aim of renting your property out. If you have the financial resources, consider installing good quality burglar bars on all the doors and windows, as well as a security gate on the driveway for added protection. Additionally, you can also add a CCTV camera system and entry security alarm to your property to further increase your property and home security.

 Many Tenants Prefer Rentals with Spacious Rooms

Tenants like spacious rooms. If you are thinking of renovating your property to rent, ensure that you increase the size of your unit’s rooms. And if you have the financial resources, consider adding a second or third bathroom and kitchen or at least large bedroom areas to your unit. This will also make your property more attractive to tenants.

If you plan to renovate a property to rent, the above tips and advice can be convenient. So, if you are planning to renovate your property to rent, it would be worth considering following them and doing your house up as if you were going to sell it. You will end up with much more excellent and better-presented property. 

However, if you decide to renovate your property to sell, remember that you can do anything necessary to achieve a high sale price. So, don’t be afraid to spend money on the renovation process.