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Low Calorie Drinks Swaps For Christmas Holiday

Low Calorie Drinks Swaps For Christmas Holiday

For A Cosmopolitan

For A Cosmopolitan

Calories: A traditionally made Cosmopolitan is 99kcal

Top tip: For a Cosmopolitan. There’s a reason the Sex And The City ladies opt for the Cosmo over other cocktails – it’s low in calories, delicious and contains anti-oxidant rich cranberry and lime juice. However, the alcohol content is high, so do enjoy responsibly.


For a Margarita

Calories: A traditionally made Margarita with two shots of alcohol is approximately 170kcals

Top tip: For a juice-based cocktail, like a Margarita. Sour, yes, but packed with antioxidant lemon for a toxin-neutralising bonus.

For A Snowball

For A Snowball

Calories: An 80ml serving of a traditionally-made snowball cocktail is around 108kcals

Top tip: A snowball cocktail. It’s almost a third of the calories, and just as tasty.


For Beer

Calories: A pint of lager is around 164kcal

Top tip: Beer gets a bad rap, but if enjoyed responsibly, there’s no reason for it to bring on a dreaded ‘beer belly’. It’s much less calorific than cider, most spirits and mixers, mulled wine and Long Island Ice Tea. Plus, lagers tend to contain less alcohol.


For Champagne

Calories: A standard 120ml flute of Champagne is 80kcal

Top tip: For Champagne! But beware: high sugar content + bubbles = the mother of all hangovers, so stick to one or two glasses and sip some water in between. Too expensive… Opt instead…


For Lemonade

Calories: A 330ml can of lemonade is approximately 55kcal

Top tip: Homemade lemonade. Almost a third of the calories, and none of the caffeine. But if you really want to shrink down your calorie count, go for…


For Prosecco

Calories: A standard 120ml flute of Prosecco is 80kcal

Top tip: For Prosecco. Like Champagne, but way cheaper. For those who like to budget for the pounds in their purse as well.

Red Wine

For Red Wine

Calories: A small glass of red wine (120ml) is 80kcal

Top tip: For red wine instead. Even fewer calories, plus it has the benefit of multiple antioxidants, which could help your body to neutralise some potentially harmful toxins in your body. Want something of the same calorie count, but even more celebratory? Swap red wine…

For Sherry

For Sherry

Calories: A 50ml serving of dry sherry is 115 kcal

Top tip: We love a glass of sherry on Christmas Eve – it just wouldn’t be the same without one. It doesn’t contain cream, like Bailey’s does, but it is high in sugar, which will satisfy a sweet craving, but will also rack up the calorie count. Ditch cream sherry, and opt for dry instead. Or better yet, swap it for…

Soda Water

For Soda Water

Calories: A 330ml can of soda water is approximately 0kcal

Top tip: Soda water. Add a twist of fresh lime and use as a mixer for light rum or vodka. Delicious! And not bad on the old waist line, either.


For Vodka

Calories: A single 25ml measure of Vodka is around 50kcal

Top tip: For vodka. It’s is lower in calories than whiskey, it’s true. But it’s not calorie free, like many diet myths suggest it is. A double measure with a sweet mixer like coke is around 170kcal a pop, which is more than a pint of beer. So opt for single shots and mix with low-cal soda and fresh lime instead.

White Wine

For White Wine

Calories: A small glass of white wine (120ml) is 87kcal

Top tip: For a small glass of white wine! It’s almost half the calories. Though rather less festive, we’re sure you’ll agree. So go one even better and swap white wine…

 Long Island Ice Tea…

Swap A Long Island Ice Tea…

Calories: A traditionally made LIIT is around 170kcal

Top tip: This boozy beverage has more calories in it than a pint of beer (but the same as a Margarita). If you want to reduce the calories, replace the sugar and coke mixer with cranberry juice and a squeeze of lemon instead. Or, swap it…

Pina Colada…

Swap A Pina Colada…

Calories: A traditionally made Pina Colada with cream and two shots of alcohol is approximately 526kcals

Top tip: In case you were wondering, that’s almost the same number of calories as a Big Mac. Ill-advised if you are on a diet, so swap instead…

 Baileys Irish Cream…

Swap Baileys Irish Cream…

Calories: A small 37ml serving of Baileys Irish Cream is 129kcal

Top tip: Baileys is very high in calories and saturated fat because of all the cream it contains. If you are conscious about weight gain over the festive period, try swapping it out…


Swap Cider…

Calories:A pint of cider is around 230kcal

Top tip: Wowza. Cider creeps in just after Eggnog as the most calorific beverage in this list, mainly because of its high-sugar content. There’s nothing wrong with the odd pint, but do factor into your diet that drinking more than two pints means that you’ve consumed the same amount of calories as eating a meal.


Swap Cola

Calories: A 330ml can of coke is 150kcal

Top tip: It’s the battle of the mixers! And first up is cola. A nice treat every now and then, but artificial flavourings, colours, caffeine and a high sugar content can send your energy levels crashing after an initial high. Steer away from diet drinks too, which are full of aspartame sweeteners. Opt instead for natural soft drinks, like…


Swap Eggnogg

Calories: A cup of traditionally prepared Eggnog is around 340kcal

Top tip: Whoa there! That’s a whole meals worth of calories in a single, boozy glass. If your Christmas party simply won’t be the same without one, just have one, then switch to something less calorific, like…

Mulled Wine

Swap Mulled Wine

Calories: A small 120ml glass of mulled wine is 190kcal

Top tip: Mulled wine! It contains less sugar and alcohol than sherry, making it a better option for Christmas diets. Even more calorie savvy? Swap out the juices, brandy and extra sugar in mulled wine…


Swap Whiskey…

Calories: A single 25ml measure of malt whiskey is around 64kcal

Top tip: Are you a spirit and mixers type? Whiskey is a popular Christmas tipple usually drunk on the rocks or with a mixer. If you do like whiskey, try to stick to single measures and go for low-calorie mixers. If you are trying to steer clear of excess calories, however, swap it out…