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How to Grow a Telegram Channel?

Telegram is a unique messaging app that doubles as a popular social network. It’s also a powerful marketing platform for business, with a global audience of around 400 million users. The question is – how to grow a Telegram channel when faced with such stiff competition?

The key to getting more Telegram channel subscribers lies in two things:

  1. Targeting the right users Targeting them with the right content

All of which sounds fairly straightforward, but knowing where to start can be a daunting prospect. You create your channel, you perfect your Telegram channel profile, and you choose an appropriate channel topic.

Everything seems to be in place, so why is your Telegram messenger channel still getting no traction?

Telegram Channels and Telegram Groups – What is the Difference?

If your goal is to add members to your channel or group, you first need to acknowledge the difference between these two features. On Telegram, a group is a private conversation that takes place with a list of members. 

Similar to groups on other social media platforms – like Facebook Groups – a group on Telegram is where a bunch of like-minded people comes together to discuss a specific topic. By contrast, Telegram channels are used by publishers to share content and broadcast messages to a much larger audience. 

Similar to a channel on YouTube, where you may have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of subscribers. Once you have plenty of subscribers, you can think about starting your own groups and inviting people to participate, and in the meantime, pulling as many subscribers as you can be your priority in order to grow your Telegram channel.

How to Grow your Telegram Channel?

Here’s the good news – there’s no shortage of options available for building a bigger Telegram audience. Best of all, none of the most effective tactics cost the Earth or are particularly difficult. In fact, the vast majority can be handled without outside help and are 100% free of charge.

Your goal should always be to publish high-quality content of genuine quality and relevance to your target audience. Other than this, your Telegram strategy should be based on these 11 essential activities:

Launch a Proper Telegram Channel

First up, ‘proper’ in this context means a channel that’s genuinely legit and serves a purpose. It means choosing a short and attractive name that is unique, easy to remember, and eye-catching. It also means communicating your value proposition as quickly as possible, with a concise yet compelling description.

All efforts should then be made to optimize your Telegram channel for SEO. As most of the traffic, you’ll pull in will come from organic search, keyword research and general SEO should be prioritized.

Post Quality Content Constantly

Quality holds the key to a successful publishing campaign on Telegram. However, quantity also plays a role. You should be looking to publish at least 2 to 3 posts daily, incorporating a mixture of text posts and other types of media. Keep things original and avoid copyrighted content at all costs.

If your goal is to increase Telegram members, you need to publish original content of the highest quality as often as possible. Avoid long silent spells, but don’t make the mistake of posting simply for the sake of it. Question the value of everything you publish prior to sharing it on Telegram.

Stay Active on Your Channel

Activity on Telegram goes far beyond your basic publishing schedule. Engagement holds the key to a successful campaign on all social networks. This means making all possible efforts to interact and engage with your target audience at all times. 

Interact with their content, join the conversation, and become a part of the community you’re reaching out to. Making the most of any social network is all about embracing the ‘social’ aspect of the experience. Stay active and do everything you can to engage your audience at all times.

Differentiate your Channel from Others

You cannot expect to get by on Telegram with a channel that’s generic or unoriginal. Your job is to find ways to differentiate your channel from all others in your niche. This could mean doing something completely new, or finding ways to do something better than your competitors.

Hence, your first task when setting up your channel should be identifying its unique value proposition. Think about what it is you can offer your audience that they cannot get elsewhere. Then, keep this unique value proposition at the forefront of everything you do on Telegram.

Offer Exclusive Content

Another great way to encourage people to subscribe to your channel is to offer exclusives for those who do. It’s a tactic that works across all social networks, where you incentivize subscribers with something exclusive. 

Essentially, you’re bringing perks and privileges into the mix, but only for those who subscribe to your channel. Think of it as something of a loyalty program or a VIP scheme, where those who sign up get more than those who don’t. Simple, but always effective. 

Consider Paid Promotional Posts

There are countless options available for paid promotion on Telegram. Some of which can be surprisingly affordable, with paid ad packages available to suit all budgets. What’s great about paid promotion on Telegram is how it enables you to target any audience or demographic with pinpoint precision.

This ensures that the posts you promote are showcased only to those who are most likely to subscribe to your channel rather than being wasted on dead leads. 

Promote Via Other Channels

A successful Telegram campaign is never run in a vacuum. Instead, it’s engineered to play a central role in a broader social media strategy. Your goal should be to create a unified social media campaign where all your social channels come together as one. You use Telegram to promote your other channels, and you do exactly the same in reverse.

Likewise, it’s essential to leverage your main website, your blog, your emails and so on—basically, any and every opportunity to promote your content and share your channel elsewhere. 

Give Answer for Queries On Public Forums

Quora is, of course, the first platform that comes to mind for Q&A purposes. But there’s also much to be said for the influence and appeal of Reddit, Tumblr, and so on. People from all backgrounds have come to rely on platforms like these to answer their questions and point them in the direction of relevant brands.

Providing detailed answers to questions on public forums like these can be great for boosting traffic. And in doing so, motivating more people to sign up and subscribe to your Telegram channel. 

Run Giveaways and Contests

Nothing (literally) generates engagement quite like a freebie. If there’s the chance of scoring something for free, you better believe that’s exactly what they’ll do. Giveaways and contests on Telegram can therefore be pure gold for boosting engagement particularly if you run contests and giveaways that are exclusive to your channel’s subscribers.

All you need to do is think of something you can give away, which your audience will genuinely want. It doesn’t have to be particularly valuable, just desirable enough to generate interest. 

Utilize Reliable Service Providers

Last up, the quickest and easiest option is to buy Telegram members from a responsible source. Mediamister.com provides a full range of promotional products for Telegram, including authentic channel members of guaranteed quality. 

All are covered by a reassuring money-back guarantee and a market-leading retention warranty for total peace of mind. Great for boosting the credibility and appeal of your channel in an instant while working on attracting more organic subscribers.

The Benefits of Having More Telegram Channel Members

Telegram channels can be used to boost sales, generate ad revenues, increase brand awareness, and more. They can also be used as a convenient and engaging customer service channel for your business. The more channel members you have, the easier it becomes to achieve your objectives.

In addition, there’s the benefit of enhanced exposure that accompanies popularity on Telegram. The platform’s algorithm examines a long list of metrics when singling out channels, groups and content to promote. 

One of which is audience size – an instant indicator of a channel’s popularity. Boosting the size of your audience can boost your visibility in the process, making it easier for people to find you and subscribe to your channel.


Telegram has been around for almost a decade, though it has only begun hitting its stride as of late. Over the past couple of years in particular, Telegram has come into its own as an immensely powerful and influential social network.

As with all popular social platforms, the key to success on Telegram lies in providing something of genuine quality, value, and relevance. All of which begins by choosing an appropriate niche and getting as many subscribers as possible on board.

Buying subscribers can be great for getting things off the ground, giving your image and credibility an instant boost. But it is ultimately the quality of the content you publish that will determine the outcome of your campaign. 

Author Description: Johny Walker is a Social Media Expert and Web Traffic Consultant for over 10 years. In 2012 he launched Media Mister, a Social Media Marketing Company which is helping businesses to get social presence at an affordable price.

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