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Tips and Tricks to Know When Remodeling Your Floors

Remodeling a home can feel like a huge job. Mostly because it is. Home remodeling can take a long time and cost a lot of money.

Part of any good remodeling is the floors. Floors get scratched up or worn down over time making them look old or making them unusable. Fixing up old flooring in your home requires a certain amount of knowledge that the average person doesn’t necessarily possess.

A few basic tips are great to have before you undergo any type of project. For flooring, there are basic dos and don’ts that will keep you on track towards clean beautiful floors that last. Here are a few tips and tricks for remodeling your floors.

DON’T Go Cheap

Floors are going to last longer than just about anything else in your home. Or, at least good ones will. Buying cheap flooring is a waste of money and a bad investment.

You might be planning on moving at some point and think flooring only needs to last as long as you are living there. That is a terrible way to shop for floors and is a waste of money. Paint color and furniture can change but flooring should not.

Once you buy floors they should last for a long time. Floors that are cheap are going to scratch up and fall apart a lot faster than good flooring would and they will not look as good. Investing the extra money in good flooring will help your floors last for a long time.

DON’T Follow Trends

Actually, sometimes trends are fine. If they involve getting good flooring that will last then you should absolutely follow trends. Sometimes following a trend means you end up with shag carpeting that is going to be someone’s renovation nightmare in ten years.

Pick a flooring that has stood the test of time or is built to last. Wood flooring is always a great option, tile flooring lasts and is sturdy, even stone flooring can be a good choice if you don’t fall down that often. Making sure to pick good flooring is the best way to get the most bang for your buck and not have an ugly house in ten years.

Flooring trends can be a good idea if they include well-made flooring that will still look good in several years. The most important part of picking the right floor is picking a floor you know you will like for the rest of your time in that house and that it will last at least that long.

DO Hire Someone

Unless you have put down flooring before or have someone who knows what they are doing to help you, you probably should hire someone. Your home is not the time you want to figure out if you are good at installing floors. No matter how many videos you watch to help you figure it out, you still will have no actual experience.

There are a lot of times when doing your own renovating is a great way to save money. Messing up flooring means buying more flooring. You cannot paint over flooring mistakes and new floors are not exactly a cheap thing to mess up.

Paying for some help to make sure your floors turn out looking right is worth the money. You can cut a lot of corners in a home renovation and do a lot of it by yourself. Floors probably are not the place to try that.

DO Pick The Right Flooring

Picking the right flooring for the right room is actually one of the most fun parts of flooring. You get to decide if you want matching floors throughout the house or if you want specific floors for different rooms. Picking the right flooring for the room you want it in is a great way to give each room personality or tie your whole home together.

A sturdy, easy to clean floor in your kitchen and bathrooms will save your floors from water damage. A soft carpet for your bedrooms will keep your feet warm in the winter. A good hardwood floor for your entry and living area with a rug for kids to play on makes a great floor.

You can pick a good tiling for your whole home and that would be okay. Most people choose water-resistant flooring for their bathroom but not everyone does. Making sure you pick the right flooring for your home will keep your home cohesive and keep your home in great shape.

DO Have Reasonable Expectations

Your expectations need to be managed. You can get the exact flooring you want but it might cost more than is ideal. You need to have a realistic budget for the type of flooring you want and the amount of flooring you want.

The same can be said about the time it will take to install your new floors. Flooring is not the longest part of a renovation but it isn’t a quick job either. Setting a reasonable deadline for your workers will help them do better work and help you relax.

When things are not meeting your expectations they tend to feel disappointing. Knowing you are probably going to spend more money than is ideal and that it will take a few weeks to install will keep you happy and relaxed because it will be what you expected. There is no reason to be upset with things that were inevitable.


Remodeling floors is a big job that can involve a lot of research. Finding the best floors at the best price is just the beginning. Knowing a few of the basic tips and tricks to choose a great floor will help you through the process.

Know that cheap floors almost never mean good floors and start saving money now. Keep in mind function and longevity over what is currently in style. Most importantly, always keep your expectations reasonable so you can have the best possible experience with your flooring and remodeling.

Flooring is a process that requires some experience so spend the extra money to hire a few people. Remember that flooring should be built to last and there are specific floors to help is certain rooms. These are just a few of the dos and don’ts of floor remodeling.

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