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6 Home DIY Projects To Avoid

There are countless projects around your home that are quite easy to do yourself. This enables many handy people to save money whenever it’s possible. However, there are projects around the house that should be avoided at all costs. These projects could jeopardize your safety or the integrity of your home.

Also, if you attempt some difficult projects — and do them incorrectly — you could very well drop the resale value of your home.

In the following list, we will go over some of these projects that you definitely should not attempt to DIY.

Plumbing renovation

Redoing your plumbing yourself might not be the best idea. Doing so could have disastrous results, including getting yourself hurt — or worse: killed.

This is because most of the time (especially in a bathroom) your plumbing system runs very close to some electrical systems, such as the power that feeds your lights. If you were to accidentally cut an electrical wire and knock some water pipes loose, you run the very high risk of getting yourself electrocuted.

Also, if you don’t know very much about plumbing, you could cause inadvertent flooding of parts of your home.

These are just a couple of reasons why taking on your plumbing yourself could spell disaster for yourself or your home.

It’s best for any kind of complicated plumbing work to get a professional involved.

New light fixtures

This runs along the same lines of a plumbing renovation, in a way, as far as danger goes. It’s very easy to make mistakes with electrical work and get yourself hurt.

Yes, there are resources out there that break the process of installing new light fixtures down into simple, easy to follow steps, but depending on your experience and knowledge of electrical systems and the ways they work, it might just be best to go ahead and hire someone to do it for you.

A licensed electrician will be able to get anything you want to be done safely and securely. You could even tag along with them to learn more about how it all works — if they don’t mind that sort of thing. After that, you might be able to tackle small electrical projects in the future.

Basically, when in doubt, hire a professional for most electrical projects in your home.

New drywall projects

Drywalling can be a very difficult project to undertake by yourself. It can get complicated, and you’re liable to make all kinds of unneeded mistakes. You also could make a huge mess of your home if you’re not careful.

A bad drywall job could mean knocking your home’s resale value down quite significantly. After you’ve made a huge mess of things, you’ll have to hire a pro anyway to go behind you and fix everything. This means additional money out of your pocket, which is exactly what DIY people try to avoid.

So, if you need a drywall job completed — especially a big one — bite the bullet and call someone who will do it the correct way the first time.

Redoing your roof

This is the type of project that many people feel like they can do themselves, especially if it’s not a significant repair, like replacing a few shingles.

However, if you have no experience working on a roof, it is probable that you’ll make mistakes and cause damage to the rest of your home without meaning to. This includes leaks and water damage that you might not even know is happening. 

Leaks and water damage means mold, rotting, and long-term structural damage that will — without a doubt — cost you more in the long run.

Roofing and replacing shingles takes a very specific process that many people are not aware of. Everything has to be precise and secure in order to protect the inside of your home from the elements.

It is very important that you hire a licensed roofer or contractor to get that job done for you. You might regret it if you don’t.

Redoing certain paint jobs

If you live in an older home (built before 1978) and have found that you need to do some paint repairs, please reconsider. This is of course due to the possible lead content in the paint on your walls, and lead spells possible damage to your health, especially if you have to scrape the old paint.

Scraping paint means particles flying into the air and ultimately into your lungs.

There are professionals out there that are more than equipped enough to handle this type of problem, so do yourself a favor and hire one to ensure your safety.

Epoxy-ing your countertops

Adding epoxy to your countertop surfaces is a very difficult process. It is time-consuming and complicated, and you might want to pull your hair out if you attempt to do this yourself. 

Basically, it involves mixing the correct amount of epoxy for your surface, then pouring it on said surface, then making sure it’s all even and free of bubbles. It’s a very stressful process that is hard to do by yourself. The epoxy hardens within 20-minutes so you have to work fast to ensure perfection.

See this page to learn more about this headache of a project (and the alternatives).

In conclusion

As you can see, there are several projects in your home that should not be attempted by yourself. Yes, many people want to save money and tackle their own homes, but sometimes it’s just best left up to the professionals. They are trained for these jobs and have considerably more experience than your average DIY person.

This list comprises just a few of the projects that are not DIY-friendly — there are many more, but the above examples are projects people feel very confident in completing themselves. But confidence does not necessarily mean there won’t be major mistakes made.

It is considerably better to play it safe and leave it up to the pros. 

Do yourself, your family, and your home a favor: do not attempt a project that could potentially turn into a bigger problem.

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