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7 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

People often buy more clothes than they want to wear. The smartest will choose to resell their excess clothing on the internet to earn some money . Selling clothing online can also become a thriving business if done right.

Poshmark was launched in 2011 with the idea of ​​facilitating the online sale of second-hand clothing and accessories. This makes it a priori a concept similar to that of Ebay and Craigslit. However, it delivers a unique experience that emphasizes social media and user-friendliness on mobile.

The best way to experience an online clothing sales platform is to use it in its desktop version. Poshmark, however, favors the mobile application as the main buying and selling tool. It also promotes a social environment in which buyers follow sellers, types of items or brands that interest them.

Poshmark is mainly geared towards second-hand clothes, but always targeting high-end brands. More than 3,000 well-known brands and different categories are listed in its catalog. This goes from Adidas to Céline, passing Zales, Brandy, Melville, etc. A large number of more modest brands with a limited quantity of articles are also registered on the platform.

Now in poshmark you can sell perfectly and earn. How? Here are the tips for you.

1. Choosing the Price

Sellers are free to set the price that suits them for a given item. The buyer can negotiate the purchase price of an item online with the seller directly from the Poshmark application. This is one of the innovative ideas that are the basis of the success of this platform. This approach turns out to be more practical than haggling through email exchanges.

Setting the price of a given product is one of the most complex aspects in the trade sector. The same product can be sold at different prices from one trader to another. People often tell themselves that they can arbitrarily set the price of the items they sell. There is, however, more than one parameter to take into account in establishing a suitable price.

2. Understanding the market Condition

The first factor to successfully earn money easily in selling clothing online is the market conditions for the item in question. It comes back mainly to the question of supply and demand. An item that is in high demand, rare, or both is likely to be expensive.

The logistics of selling clothing online also affects the price of the item. There are many costs to consider. It starts with the initial purchase price of the items to be sold on your cheap online sales site . Added to this is the preparation of articles, taking photos, uploading costs, etc.

Build a strong community for your brand

3. Be very specific with product announcements

Essentially writing an ad for selling clothing online is a matter of compromise. It is about finding the balance between a conversation and a taste of the state of the products to sell in order to be able to earn money on the internet easily and effectively.

These must first be described in a user-friendly manner. The seller must also give style suggestions to help market his product. It must establish a frame of reference to help a potential buyer to better appreciate the value of the product concerned.

Each seller can also create his own closet or his own shop on Poshmark. To do this, he must first take photos of the items he wants to sell. He will then transfer them to the site using the mobile application. It works like a consignment store. As with other social platforms, the key to accelerating sales is to grow your community.

4. Make Personalised Profile

Once logged in, you can start personalizing your account and profile. To do this, select the drop-down arrow next to the photo of the account and click on “Profile”. Basic personalization will mainly consist of entering contact details and modifying the profile photo.

After modifying the profile, click on “sell now” to create a list of products. You will then be asked to provide as much detail as possible about the items in question. These details will form the basis of your advertisement on the Vinted site and application.

5. Take care of the items to be sold

Marketing is fundamentally built on an image issue. People rely primarily on what they see, smell or hear to say whether a product is good or not. This principle obviously does not apply to all types of product.

6. Take quality promotional photos to promote online clothing sales

Photography inspires a lot of people on the internet, whether in an artistic or more commercial form. Marketing professionals are aware of this and rely heavily on photography to promote their products.

7. Right Decore Setup

However, selling clothing online does not necessarily require a great artistic sense or an advanced mastery of photography. You just have to choose the right decor, be in the right style and choose the right lighting. Many people take their photos in a well-lit room or clean space near a window.