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Living in The US

In general, the mentality of the Americans is different from that of the Europeans. Many things are much less bureaucratic and relaxed. An American mostly has to struggle through life alone. Everyone is on their own and therefore their own luck smith. The social network in the USA is still very permeable. Personal responsibility and self-motivation therefore hold important roles in everyday life as well as in professional life.

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School system and education

If you don’t just immigrate to America, but take your family with you, including school-age children, here are the most serious differences that exist between other countries and the United States in terms of elementary schools, middle schools, colleges and universities:

  • Nursery School and Elementary School: Before they officially start primary school, many toddlers have already attended pre-school. On the other hand, American children often stay in elementary school until they graduate sixth grade.
  • Middle School or Junior High: The children from the seventh to the ninth grade spend in class communities as they did in elementary school. In other countries, there are already new class associations in the fifth year, which always find new constellations according to the lesson and lesson schedule. The American middle school is best compared to a European comprehensive school.
  • High School: Lessons from the tenth to the twelfth grade take place without a fixed class association. Depending on the state, compulsory schooling in America applies either to the age of sixteen or to the age of 18. It depends on how long the children go to high school. With a successful degree, students then study at a college or university.
  • Young people in the United States must apply to a university to study at a university. In contrast to other European countries, where an average grade can require admission, the financial background of students in America is crucial. A study in the US can cost a five-figure sum per year, cannot afford any student easily.

Everyday work life

The concept of American life has historical roots in immigration history. Countless European settlers wanted to escape the oppression, hunger or poverty in their homeland. In the “new western world”, immigrants hoped for freedom and opportunities.

Everyone currently had to start a new life with nothing, i.e. from scratch. Since then, this basic idea of ​​equality for all people has revived American culture. This attitude prevails in professional life just as much today. However, this does not mean that there are no differences in rank and importance. Existing deviations between executives and employees appear less conspicuously.

In addition to the general calmness, there is often an action orientation in American companies that is based on an extremely high willingness to take risks and at the same time a pronounced optimism. Quick solutions are often more relevant than too much bureaucracy and lengthy problem analysis. Americans like to act and think in a goal-oriented and pragmatic way. Planning phases and decision-making are much faster than in Europe. For many US entrepreneurs, short-term maximization of profits is more fundamental than a long-term company.

Protection against unfair dismissal in the USA cannot be compared with European standards

In general, workers in America can change jobs and do new jobs faster. Even older workers have good job opportunities. The fast pace follows the infamous “Hire and Fire” principle. There are often no notice periods. A sound education or an entrepreneurial spirit are relevant if you want to quickly achieve success in America. Pension and social security plans don’t reliably cover the needs of Americans. Private provision and financial backing are therefore advantageous.

When preparing to emigrate, keep in mind that American salaries also depend enormously on the region. The same job is paid immensely better in one city than in another. For example, salaries in Florida are lower than in other countries. On the other hand, the cost of living in Florida is lower than elsewhere. It therefore makes sense to always include as many aspects as possible in the considerations for emigration.

Leisure and travel

Once you live in America, you can go on vacation in your own country. The numerous countries offer so much variety that you are guaranteed to find the right environment for leisure activities.

Relaxing beach holidays on heavenly-looking fine white sandy beaches are just as feasible as active ski holidays or captivating round trips. You can book domestic flights, take a motorcycle trip or explore the landscape in a comfortable motorhome. The USA has exciting travel destinations in every season.

Exemplary American sports are basketball, baseball and American football. Countless Americans practice one or more of these three sports as a favorite pastime. Of course there are also other disciplines like jogging, skating, swimming, surfing and dancing, which you can do in America. It is typical that the Americans practice their sport in public places – soccer fields, beaches or parks. Every passing passer-by can watch or participate immediately.

Cost of emigrating to America

The amount of your spending on emigration to America depends on the area you are moving to and the requirements you want to meet. Moving to a metropolis is considerably more expensive than moving to a less densely populated area. In addition, a new start with an entire family and a complete household is calculated completely differently than when one person immigrates alone. The transfer of all people and possibly even animals living in the household is usually not the most expensive item on the bill. The storage or transfer of furniture, cars or other items is expensive. If you don’t move to America alone with your underpants, a clean shirt, and a toothbrush:

  • Entry / arrival and other transfers,
  • Short-term accommodation in a hotel or motel; for about a month,
  • Moving containers,
  • Deposit for an apartment or a house,
  • Rental car or buying a car, alternatively tickets public transport network,
  • Updating of identity documents, driving license and other documents,
  • Private insurance,
  • New purchase of furnishings including American electrical appliances such as cell phones, computers, television, etc.

If you emigrate to New York City with three other family members, your expenses can quickly increase to $ 20,000 to $ 30,000. In other regions and cities, you may get along smoothly with half. It is advisable to have a sufficient financial cushion. The situation is different if your employer partially or fully reimburses your removal costs.

Health Insurance USA

As mentioned earlier in the article, the social system in terms of health and pensions in America is not comparable to the European system. To date, a large number of American residents have no health insurance at all. About two-thirds of Americans have health insurance coverage through private insurance. The employer pays this insurance cover for many citizens. But some people have their own health insurance. Only a third of Americans have access to one of the two government-funded bases in the American health care system. Specifically, state insurance applies to disabled citizens, people over the age of 65 and members of the army, and veterans who are at war. However, American law requires that everyone should be given medical care and treatment in an emergency. Its solvency is initially left out. In retrospect, however, non-insured citizens have to pay the cost of their medical treatment. That is one reason for the many private bankruptcies in America. Those affected often cannot reimburse high medical bills.

Take precautions and choose insurance carefully

In order to immigrate to America carefree, you should take out an individually tailored insurance package for yourself and, if necessary, for the whole family. After all, insurance would be more than annoying if the immigration cannot actually take place at an early stage due to an unforeseen illness or accident. Among other things, insurance includes the assumption of costs for medical therapies and the supply of medication. In addition to foreign health insurance, the tariffs include

  • Repatriation in the event of illness or death.
  • Various sports insured

With some tariffs one

  • Luggage insurance,
  • Travel liability insurance,
  • Travel accident insurance

For a successful emigration it is important to know that foreign health insurance does not automatically include dental treatment. It is conceivable that you choose an additional dental insurance. With an appropriate health insurance policy for immigration, take into account that you are as well protected as you were at home before.

For economic reasons, more doctors in America work in larger group practices. This has the advantage for patients that the consultation times are relatively generous. In American practices, there is often a consultation hour on Saturday mornings.

The health insurance policies are always personal in accordance with the service description. If your friends or family come to visit and get sick in America, they can be treated immediately in an emergency room or at a doctor. However, the treatment costs must be paid immediately. If your guests have neglected to take out their own short-term travel health insurance before they visit, they can sometimes remain at a significant cost. Do not forget about insurance before arrival.

Go west and live your dream!

With a job promise or a business plan in your pocket, you have found the place in America that should become your new home. Now nothing stands in the way of realizing your dream dreams, but careful travel preparation and moving organization. If you have little time but some financial scope, you can hand over the move to specialized agencies. They arrange any transports and storage that become necessary for a fee. The only thing you should bring yourself is excellent English language skills. Without any communication problems, your emigration to America will certainly be a complete success.