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8 Ways To Use Metal In Your Home

Metal is becoming a popular element for decorating at home because of its versatility. It can transform into anything that suits different styles of homes and interiors. 

There are different kinds of metals that you can use like aluminum, carbon steel, or copper tubing. You may use just one kind or a combination of metals. The following are ideas on how to incorporate metal into your home.   

  • Metal Garage 

A metal garage is an excellent way to use metal on your property. Metal can withstand the weather and other elements that could easily break down wooden garages. Steel frames also save you time and money spent on upkeep or maintenance.  

Another advantage of metal garages is that building them is faster. There are fabricated metal garages both for residential and commercial purposes. They can also be used for industrial applications. It doesn’t cost as much as building a garage from scratch.  

  • Metal Window Valance 

Window coverings are typically placed on the windows with or without curtains. A valance is made to hide curtain rods and other top hardware of the window. Traditional shutters commonly come with a valance.

Valances are also commonly made of fabric and will sometimes match the curtain or the room’s décor. But if you want to incorporate metal into decorating, you can use a metal sheet as a valance for an eclectic living space.  

  • Mixed Metals In The Kitchen 

Metals have different colors and finishes that complement other elements, such as wood. You can use metal handles on cabinet doors in your kitchen alone, add stainless steel appliances, and functional decorations on your countertops. Replace your typical faucet made with a bronze one and use copper canisters for condiments. Little accents can go a long way because they won’t appear overwhelming. 

  • Hang Wind Chimes And Bells 

If you’re having trouble with incorporating metal into your space, look for metal windchimes or bells, or a wind-bell that you can hang by the doorway or window. The sound of the wind chimes or bells can travel anywhere when placed in areas where the wind can take it. There are many wind chimes and bells that you can choose from. If your space follows a specific theme, you can also pick a design or color that matches it.  

  • Metal Wall Planters 

If you want to add some plants to your home, why not opt for wall planters? Galvanized wall planters, especially ones that look like wall sconces, add an unexpected aesthetic to your home. Boxwood, cotton stems, or fall leaves make suitable fillers for the planters. But you also have a choice of using seasonal plants to fill them. It’s also a way to incorporate nature into your home as metal is considered a natural element that can complement plants, just like wood.  

  • Corrugated Metal Wall 

Corrugated metal is a popular choice as a roofing panel. These metal sheets are created to withstand extreme weather conditions and are inexpensive and easy to install. These are also the reasons interior decorators will partially use these sheets to cover a wall. For instance, you can use corrugated metal sheets on your shower walls. They’re easy to cut, and you can choose to cut them even. Corrugated metal makes a good wainscot material if you don’t want it to cover a whole wall.  

  • Metal Antiques 

You may have a modern home and think of contemporary designs for décor, but you can try scouring antique stores for unique finds. While metal is viewed as a modern element, it has been around for centuries, and it’s not uncommon to find old décor made of metal. If you can find an ornate mirror with a metal frame, you can add that to your living room or bedroom. It may also come in brass or be painted in metallic colors.  

  • Metal Tiles 

You can add metal tiles to your home to add an exciting charm to any room. Light can bounce on the metal’s reflective surface. These tiles come in different textures that will allow you to be creative. 

Metal tiles tend to make a room appear cooler. You can balance that cool look with other elements such as wood, leather, and textiles. If you want an industrial theme in your living space or a rustic look, metal flooring will help you achieve the look.  

In Conclusion 

Metal is a versatile element that you can use to decorate your home. It comes in different types and forms that you can incorporate into any room to complement other elements and décor. You can look up other ideas and exercise your creativity to find more uses for metal in your house.

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