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Top 5 BroadSoft Call Recording for Business Software Solutions in 2021 [Ranked & Reviewed]

Is recording your Broadsoft-based call center just a compliance requirement, or can it be a transformative component of your operation? Recording and reviewing customer interactions through a suite of applications built around customer service (quality assurance, agent scoring, reporting, AI-powered voice analytics) improves your customer satisfaction and keeps you legally compliant.

But what call recording platform is best for your operation? Every industry is different, and every business within an industry has a specific set of needs. Let’s review the top selections for recording a Broadsoft-based call network.

Call Recording for Business 

With a crowded field of contenders when it comes to BroadSoft call recording, there’s no reason to select a bare-bones package that will require a host of 3rd party addons. Deploying a call recording platform with built-in features saves you time and money by eliminating 3rd party compatibility issues and often bolsters your security compliance. 

Features Your Broadsoft Call Center Needs

At a minimum, a modern call recorder needs to offer: 

  • Quality assurance tools
  • Agent scoring features
  • Detailed reporting
  • AI-powered voice analytics

These components help you to dissect the customer experience and fine-tune your agent performance. Following are our picks of the top call recording platforms for BroadSoft-based call centers, ranked in order.

# 1 Atmos by CallCabinet 

Atmos by CallCabinet offers the most robust all-in-one compliance and customer service features of any of the platforms we’ve reviewed.  CallCabinet is a Cisco preferred partner, so Atmos is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to work with BroadSoft communication networks.

Atmos is deployed as a Cloud service, making it scalable to literally any call center or remote operation using BroadSoft-based products. It’s deployed globally across financial call centers, healthcare and insurance operations, e-commerce providers, government and utility operations and more.  

Atmos’ features can be expanded through license upgrades. Its features include: 

  • 24/7 support 
  • Product training and certification programs
  • Extensive Agent and Call Analytics
  • Emotive Feedback from calls
  • Full call transcription
  • SIPREC recording
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Automatic and manual PCI redaction
  • Simple onsite and remote deployment
  • Agent screen recording
  • Compliance call sharing
  • Secure cloud storage with location control
  • Granular call filtering
  • Customizable word recognition libraries
  • Multiple supported languages
  • Keyword and phrase searching
  • Customizable agent scoring application
  • Detailed reporting
  • Support for integration to 3rd party analytics platforms

Compared to hardware-based solutions, Atmos was very easy to install (CallCabinet says most deployments are usually just a few hours). Remote client software installation is also quick and painless. Since Atmos is a SaaS, it requires very few IT personnel to manage.

#2 OrecX 

OrecX is the developer of the Oreka TR call recording software. It’s an enterprise-level call recording solution employed by companies like Ikea and GoDaddy.

It offers a strong but basic set of features for call recording and analytics. Oreka integrates it with 3rd party analytics solutions and other systems for better performance. 

Basic features include:

  • Numerous open-source applications
  • Support for 3rd party analytics
  • Remote agent support
  • Screen recording
  • Quality Management

Oreka works with a host of PBX vendors, including BroadSoft. Perhaps its most unique feature is that it’s an open-source offering requiring low technical maintenance. Because it’s open-source, a developer can customize it to fit your operation’s needs. 

OrecX offers a suite of open source applications to record your calls and improve your customer service operation. OrecX can scale to accommodate modest operations and enterprise-level call centers. 

#3 Dubber

Dubber holds the title “most scalable” call recording software. It’s a cloud-based platform for call recording and storage.

It’s a simple solution for call recording compliance and quality management. 

Dubber works well with small businesses. While Dubber doesn’t boast an extensive list of features, it’s ease of use and deployment will suit companies looking for a solid basic solution. 

Basic features include: 

  • Cloud-based call recording and storage
  • Open API for custom integrations
  • Automated Alerts
  • AI-Voice Analytics
  • Keyword searching

The primary advantage of Dubber is the ease of deployment and use. Dubber boasts automated workflows, compliance tools, and transaction validation.

Dubber is fast, simple, and equips your team for compliant call recording practices.  

#4 MiaRec 

MiaRec offers an enterprise-level call recording solution that provides compliance and quality assurance tools for businesses of all sizes. MiaRec’s offerings center around compliance for critical industries like the finance and healthcare sectors. MiaRec offers live monitoring, a useful feature for call center managers who need to listen to in-progress calls.

MiaRec’s offerings work best for businesses that need to concentrate on call center compliance and live monitoring.

Features include: 

  • Free trial 
  • Wide PBX support
  • Live monitoring
  • Compliance and auditing for banking and healthcare operations

#5 Enghouse Networks SmartRecord 

Enghouse Networks’ SmartRecord offers enterprise call recording with phonetic-based indexing and compliance tools for the vertical markets that need it. As a cloud-based platform, it allows for secure, centralized data storage of your BroadSoft recordings. 

Designed for call centers, SmartRecord captures multi-channel data from the popular BroadSoft UC platform.

Features include: 

  • Recording, search and playback of customer interactions
  • Phonetic-based speech analytics
  • Compliance tools for finance, healthcare and more
  • Secure archival

As a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform, Enghouse Networks’ SmartRecord and Smart Interaction Recording add rich value to operations that need compliance and want to enhance their customer service satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Call Recording Software 

Picking a recording and compliance platform for your BroadSoft-based call network won’t just protect your business and save you money. Using a solution with emotive detection and built-in analytics can positively impact your customer satisfaction and even help you to find new revenue streams. 

Atmos by CallCabinet remains our #1 pick for a total solution due to its extensive built-in feature set, ease of deployment, and SaaS model. Some companies may only need the absolute basics to cover their needs, but that is increasingly rare. When making your decision, plan for the future of your operation, not just the now. Regulations continue to grow, and employee locations continue to spread out, so having a basic solution may cost you in the long run when you need to scale. 

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