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The Benefits Of Using Viking Drinking Horns For Your Next Themed Party

People love throwing and attending parties nowadays because it has evolved to become more trendy thanks to the existence of themes and other features that add more fun and make people more interested. Themed parties also allow guests to have a different experience by letting them feel what it’s like to dress up in different timelines in history.

If you’re planning to throw a Viking-themed party, why not level it up by using drinking horns as a replacement to glasses or cups? Here are the benefits of using Viking drinking horns for your next themed party:

1. It will go well with your theme

When you think about a Viking theme, it would usually trace back to the early medieval times in Europe where the culture and tradition of people were still entwined with the environment and natural resources. Most people would associate the Viking culture with a lot of hunting because the typical décor at the time consisted of animal horns and animal heads.

Using Viking drinking horns from Alehorn for your Viking-themed party is a perfect fit. A Viking party will not be complete with drinking horns. While some parties will use a few drinking horns as an accent in the centerpiece or main setup, you can level it up by replacing your usual glasses or cups with a real Viking drinking horn. Your guests will have the complete experience of drinking juices or beer the way the Vikings did it. Make sure to load up your party’s refreshments because your guests will likely party hard while they enjoy drinking in these fancy cups.

Your guests can also imbibe the feeling of strength since it is known that gods and powerful warriors used to drink in Viking horns.

2. It’s good for the environment

Most parties would opt to go for plastic or paper cups so that it will be a lot easier during clean-up. Disposable glasses save both time and effort in clearing and cleaning since all you have to do is put them in a garbage bag. However, this practice contributes to much more garbage that is harmful to the environment.

Another benefit of using Viking drinking horns in your party is that it’s reusable so there will be less clutter once the party is finished. Your guests will also have the tendency to bring it around during the party, or they might even bring it home.

3. It will keep you from spending extra

Throwing a party can be expensive since you have to think of a lot of things that will cost you money such as utensils, the cleaning fee, and souvenirs. The advantage of using a Viking drinking horn is that you can have it as your giveaway item for guests. Buying souvenirs for a party can be quite expensive, and if you are buying glasses as well, it will cost you double. Purchase Viking drinking horns instead as they can double as your party glasses and souvenirs, thus reducing your expenses.

Although Viking drinking horns may not come cheap, if you compare it to splurging on souvenirs, drinking glasses, and a cleaning fee, the price is much less than the totality of other expenses.

4. It’s a unique souvenir

As mentioned, using Viking drinking cups for your party can also function as your souvenir. A Viking drinking horn is an interesting item, and your guests will surely love having one to take it home. There are a lot of different Viking drinking horns that you can choose from—from shot glasses, tumblers, coffee mugs, and the traditional horns. Depending on your budget and the concept of your theme, there is most likely the perfect drinking horn that is suited to your needs.

In addition, a Viking drinking horn can also function as a wedding souvenir. There are drinking horn sets available as well if you want to give it to your loved ones to express your sincerest gratitude. There’s also an option to customize them by engraving and creating a unique design for your party.

Your guests will surely love this idea, and they can add it up to their collection of memoirs or they can use it as a display in their homes. Whatever the choice may be, you won’t regret using Viking drinking horns for your party.

Final thoughts

Using Viking drinking horns for your party will make your celebration stand out. There are also a lot of benefits if you opt to use this since it can function as your souvenir. You don’t need to worry about cleaning up glasses after the party since they’re reusable, and your guests will most likely bring them home.

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