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Nath & Nose Rings Styles 2021

The Nose Pin has today become, perhaps, more a style statement as opposed to the symbolic tradition it once represented. A glistening piece of metal often studded with diamonds and coloured gems, was seen as an essential part of a brides beautification. Perhaps just as important as a Mangalsutra, the Nose Ring or Nath is included in the ‘Solah Shringar’ or rituals that are prescribed for every bride and is still holds importance. From rings that are sometimes as large as bangles to ones that are small yet full of colour, the tradition of a Nath has eternal symbolism for the Indian family.

Originating in the Middle East, the Nose Ring or Nath was brought to India by the Mughals somewhere around the 16th century. Bringing with them a lot of change, the Mughals left behind their timeless architecture and of course the nose ring that bore well with us Indians.

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Today however, nose rings are designed to be a little more practical to match our busy lives. Studded with invincible diamonds, and paradise green emeralds, has adopted a twist on the traditional Nath. Worn to enhance the allure and beauty of the wearer, our simple designs crafted in gold have an eternal appeal.

Styles that range from rings to studs and even some naths with traditional motifs, our collection of nose pins will surely have one that catches your attention. Just like this Chandrabindu Nose Pin, that features a crescent moon studded with a selection of well-matched diamonds. Seen as an important symbol in Hinduism, the crescent moon is often seen on all major gods and goddesses. The ring’s simple design paired with the indestructible diamond offers power and allure to its wearer.

Nose Rings as beautiful as they are also have a scientific benefit beyond all their symbolism. Noted to ease pain during childbirth, a piercing on the nostril has many benefits for a woman beyond that of just elegance. When studded with gems that are believed to have powerful effects, a woman’s jewellery can also deflect and protect its wearer from negative powers.

Here is another one of our favourites that’s comes studded with a luscious green emerald centre. The Shagun Emerald Nose Stud symbolises both beauty and perfection. A delicate flower, it has been created to be a metaphor in the form of jewellery. Easy to pair with your office wear and even perhaps a traditional Indian outfit, the Shagun stud is a versatile piece for your jewellery box.

Looking for a ring even though you don’t have a piercing? Then this Traditional Diamond Spring Nath will be just right. Traditionally designed in 18K gold and set with 0.18 carats of diamonds the nose ring has been crafted with intricate patterns that hold each diamond beautifully.