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Facts About Gucci Bags That No-one Told You.

It is suffice to say the Gucci is having its stellar moment on the fashion universe. Everywhere you look, there are YouTubers and Instagram models flaunting their purchase and the latest luxury item added to their burgeoning collection.

However, the brand has been doing exceptionally well ever since the 1920s when Guccio Gucci started the brand. But apart from its cult status in the fashion industry, do you know anything else about the brand, its bags and just how they gained their iconic status? Let’s find out!

  • England was the inspiration behind the style.

Yes. Gucci started its journey from Italy. But prior to starting his business, Guccio Gucci worked as an elevator attendant at the Savoy Hotel in London. There he would regularly come across celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Claude Monet, with their expensive luggage of course.

Apart from these exposures, he was wildly inspired by the styles of the nobility in England from the 20s.

  • Guccio Gucci did not design the brand’s logo.

Surprised? A designer is supposed to come up with the logo and stamp it on his designs right? Wrong. Guccio Gucci did not design the logo himself. It was one of his sons, Aldo Gucci, who came up with the logo as a tribute to his father.

Although the brand was started in 1921, it was not until 1933 when Aldo designed the logo. Prior to that the brand had sold their designs without an official stamp. The brand’s popularity soared when the logo was stamped on their designs.

  • The famous Bamboo Bag was introduced during the war.

When World War 2 picked up the pace, leather was difficult to source. It was during this time that the brand experimented with natural fabrics such as hemp, linen, and cane. This was the beginning of the now-iconic Bamboo Bag with linen and burnished cane.

The Bamboo bag from Gucci was loved by Ingrid Bergman and Diana, Princess of Wales. It remains popular to this day due to its exceptional design and practicality.

  • Jackie Crocodile Shoulder bag is one of the most expensive to date.

This iconic bag from Gucci has a staggering price tag of $37,400. It is made of crocodile leather and has gold hardware. It was named after Jackie Kennedy Onassis as she loved carrying the shoulder bags from the brand.

The bag has a diehard fan base and remains an iconic bag from the brand. It is also one of the most expensive bags from the Gucci collection to date.

  • Most Gucci bags are made of canvas.

Unless stated otherwise, most Gucci bags are made of canvas. In fact, it is one of the reasons their bags are known for. The trend started during the war when leather was difficult to find.

It was Guccio Gucci who came up with the idea to experiment with embossed canvas and has remained a staple to this day. The cotton canvas took a backseat after the death of Guccio and his sons. But thankfully it has been resurrected by Frida Giannini who was the brand’s creative director from 2006 to 2014.

  • Canvas Suitcase is one of the most popular designs.

The Canvas Suitcase from Gucci remains one of the most popular across the globe. It is practical, convenient and can be used to everyone irrespective of the gender. Apart from the classic design, the newer designs with Supreme emblazoned on the bags remains a hit everywhere.

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