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Why Push-up Bras Are A Game Changer & How To Pick The Perfect One

For many, when we talk of push-up bras, images of tanned and striking models sporting a fashionable small bust come to mind. It may feel as if a push-up bra is just not for large busts.

Moreover, push-up bras get a bad reputation as a means for vain women to false advertising. After all, shouldn’t you be happy with what you have?

However, many people fail to understand that fashionable clothing and make-up could be used to boost confidence and still not be the foundation of your self-love.

Clothing is a way to visually express your personality to the world and lucky for you, push-up bras are here to help. Big or small busts, push-up bras are for everyone!

Benefits of Wearing a Push-Up Bra

In general, push-up bras push your breasts together towards the center to create lift and a fuller appearance. They give you a sensuous cleavage that flatters low cut tops and gowns.

This is perfect for women who have small, wide-set breasts or those who have larger, bottom heavy breasts.

However, this is not their only function. These bras come with extra padding and lining which provide the wearer with a sense of security and ease. For larger breasts, wearing a lace bra throughout the day can cause chaffing.

With push-up bras, you don’t have to worry about this. Moreover, the padding on the bra gives extra, much needed support that every large busted woman would appreciate.

How to Pick the Best Push-Up Bra for You?

Push-up bras belong in three major categories: subtle lift, moderate lift, and extensive lift.

A subtle lift is the top choice of larger breasted women who have breast fullness but need extra support. Moderate lift push-up bras are for women with small to average breast sizes wanting to go up a cup size.

Extensive lift is for small breasted women who want to go up two cup sizes, perhaps to look good in revealing clothes for special events.

When going to the store to buy yourself a new push up bra. Ask yourself these questions:


What event will you use this bra for? Is it a special occasion or everyday wear? Depending on whether you are going to the office or a party, you have to select the kind of bra you will wear.


What are my bust measurements? Sometimes, you may have to go up a size because there is more padding to make breasts look larger. Get an in-store fit specialist to give you advice.

Outfit Type

What kind of clothing will this bra be paired with? If you want to show cleavage in a scoop or plunging V-neckline, go for demi bras which do not fully cover the breasts while a full cover push-up bra provides lift and size enhancement that suits a non-plunging neckline.

Design Preferences

What kind of style do I prefer? Once you have got the type and size right, you may want to choose the color or material. For instance, a nude bra is great for light colored dresses.

Types of Push-Up Bras

Push up bras come in a range of styles and sizes. The following list by Faveable of the types of commercially available push-up bras.

If you are still looking for more, this article here might be a huge help to your quest for the perfect push-up bra.

Demi Cup

As mentioned before, demi cup bras do not cover the breasts completely. Therefore, these bras complement clothing which has a plunging neckline. They are reinforced with extra padding to create slight cleavage.


The majority of the support provided by a bra comes from the band underneath the breasts.

Strapless bras have worked around the need for straps to give you the proper support and lift you need when wearing your favorite outfits which have halter necks, backless, spaghetti straps, or are strapless.

Double Padded

For women with very small breasts looking for size enhancement, these bras add up to two cup sizes to your regular breasts. Larger breasted women might want to steer clear of this since the excess padding can make them feel stuffy and uncomfortable.


Cotton is an airy and stretchy fabric which cools down the wearer and provides great comfort against the skin. Cotton push-up bras are perfect for everyday use.

Removable Pads

These are bras that can be customized to be worn as a regular, everyday bra or a push-up bra. It is used along with removable inserts which add fullness to the breasts.

Women who suffer from fluctuating weights and resulting changes in breast size can opt for this type of bra.

Underwire vs. Padding

Push-up bras use underwire and/or padding to create a full and perky look to your breasts. However, bras differ in the degree to which they use the two aforementioned features.

Push-up bras which have padding only are great for small breasted women looking to make their breasts seem larger. Furthermore, these are more comfortable than bras with underwire. Small breasted women don’t often need as much lift compared to size enhancement.

For larger breasted women, it is the opposite. Excess padding is uncomfortable. Moreover, larger breasted women prefer having a lift to make their breasts look perky.

This is something that is naturally impossible due to the weight of large breasts. Thus, underwire bras are perfect for them and keep them feeling secure all day.

However, if you like both lift and fullness, opt for a bra that has underwire and padding. This will give your breasts a sculpted and enhanced look.


Push-up bras give women of all sizes and body types the confidence to get through their demanding routines. As the saying goes, “You feel good when you look good.”

If you were unsure about where push-up bras fit into your hectic life, after reading this article I am confident that now you know where you stand on the issue of whether to wear or not to wear.

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