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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is the season of growth and fresh starts! After the cold winter, the shining sun, blooming flowers, and flourishing gardens warm our hearts. So, why not bring this warmth and freshness inside your home too? While winter decor is all about fur, plaid and lots of white, the spring is best reflected with bright colours and green foliage. However, this does not necessarily mean heavy expenses. You can certainly achieve cheerful and bright interiors with subtle and inexpensive changes. Green plants, breezy linen, and colourful accents can transform any room into a bright and cheery retreat. Look at these tips to spruce up your home for spring within your budget!

Add Bright Colours to Your Decor

Spring is the season of colour. One of the easiest ways to bring some spring fun in your decor is to introduce bright and fresh colours. Bright colours like yellow, orange, and blue can brighten up any space. Add colourful accents to your decor with bright pillows, breezy curtains, or colourful accessories. Brightly coloured or clear materials in furnishings will allow light to flow freely. This will give your interior a bright and airy look.

Reupholster or Repaint Furniture

Revamp your old furniture with a fresh coat of paint in some bright, breezy colour. If you’re reluctant to repaint all your furniture in bold, bright colours, try painting a few pieces to and see how they accented pieces affect the room. Another option is to reupholster furniture in some fresh and trendy fabric. Go for floral, vibrant prints. You can also revitalize your decor on a budget by adding a few accent furniture pieces instead of repainting or reupholstering it all.

Refresh Your Walls with a New Paint or Plaster

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to revitalize any space. It brightens the room and uplifts the ambience. Repaint your indoor or outdoor walls in some fresh and bright colours to enliven your decor. If you’re already considering renovations, it’s probably the right time to plaster the walls and give them a new life! Although, it’s better to go for moisture and salt resistant plasters like the high quality renovation plaster from Sovereign Chemicals to prolong the life of your walls.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, simply rearranging the furniture or re-organizing the decor is all it takes to refresh a room. So, if you’re on a budget and can’t spend much, don’t worry! You don’t need to splurge a lot to transform the look of your interiors. You can use what you already have and revitalize your interiors. Just rearrange some furniture pieces or change the seating arrangements a little. Reduce the excess clutter and bring in some seasonal decorations like fresh flowers and spring blossoms.

Bring In Some Fresh Greenery

Another effective and inexpensive way to spruce up your home for spring is to bring in some fresh greenery. Green plants and foliage can brighten and enliven any place. They also allow us to reconnect with nature and bring the outside in! So, bring in some potted plants and fronds or put some fresh flowers in a vase to green up your rooms. Fresh cut flowers and leaves give a pop of colour to any decor. This is an easy and low-maintenance way to refresh your interiors!