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The Most Common Personal Injury Claims

There are many threats and scenarios that can lead to injuries in many aspects of our lives, whether it’s at work, while on the road, or elsewhere in public. Many of these injuries are usually not the victim’s fault, leading to a high number of people claiming compensation through the help of a lawyer.

Some injuries are more common than others. Here are some of the most common personal injury claims and how they usually work.

Road Traffic Accidents

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities most people partake in, meaning that it’s a place where there is the most injuries and therefore, the most claims. There are many scenarios where an individual may be eligible to make a claim, such as if you’re a driver involved in a collision, a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, a motorcyclist injured in a crash, or even a passenger who’s been hurt in an accident. If there’s proof that the accident wasn’t your fault, then someone at Rathbun Cservenyak & Kozol LLC – Personal Injury Lawyers – might be able to help you get a good settlement.

Common examples of traffic accidents include rear end collisions where another driver goes into the back of your vehicle; a collision at a junction where one driver fails to stop; accidents caused by excessive speeding and overtaking; drunk driving and joy riders, as well as incidents that occur thanks to poor reversing.

Accidents at Work

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but despite that, there are still countless accidents happening in offices all over America. Employers have a legal duty of care to do everything they can to make a workstation safe, so when they don’t do this and someone get’s hurt, then there’s an opportunity to make a claim.

Some of the most common injuries at work are caused by a few repeat offenders, such as slips, trips and falls caused by either wet and uneven floors, or due to uncleared obstructions. Falling from height is also another regular occurrence at work, especially within construction, but one of the easiest to avoid causes of injury that’s still running rampant is the lack of proper training. Many workers injure themselves because they didn’t receive the proper training to handle equipment or didn’t learn the proper protocols to minimize risk. Taking the time to train staff will significantly reduce the chances of injury to everyone.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is the name given when a doctor, nurse or other health professional makes a mistake that causes harm and other consequences to a patient. There are many different situations that can be classed as medical negligence, such as misdiagnosis, which is when a doctor fails to diagnose an illness despite there being obvious symptoms and signs. This means that the patient won’t have received the appropriate care and treatment and may have been put at greater risk as a result.

There’s also surgical errors, which can range from operations being performed on the wrong body part, to the doctor leaving surgical equipment within the body, as well as prescription errors, where either the doctor prescribes the wrong medicine for the patient or prescribes the wrong dosage.

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