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How Long Does Wicker Furniture Last?

Wicker is a perennially popular and long-lasting option for your yard. Search around in any second hand or antique store and you’ll no doubt find some wicker items for sale. Wicker is full of character. Able to be custom made to fit any space and traditionally made from natural materials its an ideal option for outdoor furniture.

There’s a reason your grandparents never replaced the wicker chair on their back porch. It is  not only comfortable, it lasts and lasts. No matter how old it gets, with proper care, it only gets better with age.

Caring For Your Wicker Furniture

No one wants to spend hours cleaning or maintaining their outdoor setting. Thankfully, wicker is a low-maintenance option that lasts. Whether your wicker furniture is made of organic materials or polyethylene rattan, some simple tips for cleaning can keep it looking great.

  1. Dust can easily settle in the weave. Use a soft bristle brush or vacuum with brush attachment to remove it. You may like to use a soft toothbrush to get into the hard to reach places.
  2. If your furniture is looking a bit dirty and grimy, you can wash it. Using an oil based soap or some ammonia and vinegar mixed with water and give it a good wash down. Scrub gently to avoid breaking any of the wicker. You can then hose it on low pressure to remove any residue.
  3. Dry in the sun. It is important to always allow your wicker furniture time to dry completely. Whether after a period of wet weather or from cleaning. Wicker outdoor furniture that is left damp can grow mildew.
  4. Nourish the wicker. If your furniture is looking dry and brittle, you can use linseed oil to feed it. After washing and drying,  gently rub the oil in and allow it to fully absorb before using the furniture.
  5. Repairs. If you notice damage to your wicker that may lead to a complete unravel, seek out a furniture restorer, or get guidance online of how to rescue it before it’s too late.
  6. If you have done all the above and your furniture is still looking worse for wear, consider a facelift! Wicker furniture looks incredible when painted and can continue to give you years of use with a little upgrade.

For added longevity, it is also recommended to keep natural wicker undercover and out of full sunlight. When left in full sun, the wicker is more prone to becoming brittle and breaking.

Additionally, when moving wicker furniture, always lift it, never drag – this is due to the risk of snapping the weave. And should you spot mildew, treat it immediately! Not just to save the furniture, but to protect the health of your family and friends.

Furniture That Lasts A Lifetime

Choosing wicker outdoor furniture adds unmistakable style and class to your outdoor area. It is versatile, sustainable and lightweight. With some easy to perform maintenance, it can easily last a lifetime. You never know, your wicker furniture may even become a beloved family heirloom.