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Custom Made Vertical Blind

Did you ever thought, how to bring some colours in your apartment, but didn’t find anything that fits your needs? There are a couple of solutions to this problem – vertical and roller blinds or wall murals. This is an excellent way to not only bring some charisma but also get functionality to cover windows from daylight.

For people who are searching, what kind of image or pattern would fit their room, there is a good place to find exactly what you looking for. Decoshaker database can offer an unlimited variation of designs. There you can find any colours, images or patterns, so even the pickiest person could find what they are looking for. If happens so, that there is nothing for you, Decoshaker gives an option to create blinds on your own. You just need to visit, find a section to upload your image and then just follow the instructions. While creating your own blinds you can choose any good quality photo, it could be your lovely animal, your memorable travel shots or even your own photo. If you have big windows and afraid that it is impossible to cover them, then there is no point to afraid, because a professional Decoshaker team will consult you and will find the best solutions for any size of windows. A long experience in blinds creation, let you create blinds and for your office, for example, to cover conference room glass wall. It not only gives additional privacy and comfort but also perfectly blends in the interior.

So, if you are looking the best way to bring some colours to your apartment, without any reconstructions and commitments, then Decoshaker is a place for you. Possibility to create your own design, let to choose blinds and for the pickiest people.