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How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly?

As a result of rising awareness of global warming, everyone’s attention got to the environmentally friendly interior design. People started to search for ways to contribute to Earth’s well-being by implementing sustainable decisions in their homes. Even the smallest step, such as switching to IKEA sofa covers (UK, EU, and other countries can take advantage of this offer) greatly impacts carbon footprint and quality of air, water, landfills. The decision to redesign your home into a more eco-friendly interior will improve your own health as well. So, what are the easy and cost-effective ways to achieve a healthier home?

Timeless style

One of the biggest factors that cause waste is constantly changing trends. It affects clothing and furniture as well. Every year people throw away things that are still in good condition and can be used for years to come. One year red is the queen of colors, and the other – not anymore. For instance, the living coral was pushed out and the classic blue became the color of 2020.

Today this problem can be solved with IKEA sofa covers. UK, Belgium, Denmark and many more countries – all are the participants of the waste culture. By not throwing away your sofa, armchair or any other piece of furniture and renewing it with a new cover you are slowly joining the countries with zero-waste culture. It doesn‘t matter if your furniture is actually old or you just want to freshen up the interior with new tones. Made of different fabric blends, covers are the best candidates for the job.

Repurpose your furniture

Sometimes to achieve a new look, it doesn‘t have to be a new expensive thing. Repurposing and DIY-ing your old furniture can become a very fun activity and the rewards are far greater than from shopping. Actually, it can be compared to IKEA sofa covers. UK or any other country – no matter where you are from, you can buy a cover and change the appearance of your furniture. Repainting your wooden table will have the same effect – it will change the cover of your table or a chair and it will look brand new again.

Of course, there are people who have no passion for creative tasks, so it‘s a good idea to find a person who could do it for you. Painters can create masterpieces on your furniture by adding unique patterns. It will always cost you less than buying a new chair.

Natural details in your home

It seems self-explanatory that the best way to complement an eco-friendly interior design is to decorate your home with natural accents. And they are not only flowers and green plants, it can even be green colored velvet of your IKEA sofa covers. UK citizens together with thousands of people from other countries have access to wood resources. Use it to construct a coffee table or any other furniture.

Nowadays it is trendy to use palette wood for various constructions – beds, tables, planters, decks, A/C covers and everything the human imagination can think of. Also, you can use glass jars for light fixtures, recycled bricks for garden paths.

Finally, natural materials can be used for decorative purposes. For instance, unique, beautiful stones and shells can incredibly complement the interior design and make it more eye-catchy, more lively. Of course, houseplants are more than welcome in eco-friendly interior design. Actually, palms and ferns can increase oxygen levels and purify the air.

It seems that bringing eco-friendliness to your home is not that hard of a task. Great help can be received by IKEA sofa covers (UK, EU and more countries around the world have already been satisfied with the results), plants and paint. It all can be done in just a couple of steps! Why not start now?