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Best Time to Visit Milwaukee & What You Must Do

Areyou looking for an amazing place to explore? No matter the period of time you spend in Milwaukee, there is always amazing adventures with the best taste any other city can offer in the entire world. Milwaukee is a city more than good food, fine wine and nightlife.

This article is well detailed to offer you a guided information on the best time to visit Milwaukee and the activities that will keep you entertained and happy in this town. Note that Milwaukee has average temperatures which vary drastically.

About Milwaukee, top tourist attraction city

Milwaukee is located on the west of Lake Michigan shore, Kinnickinnic Rivers and the Menomonee. It is a city in Wisconsin states in United States situated along 42057’N and 87054’W latitudes and longitudes respectively. It is elevated at an altitude of 211M (692 ft.) above the sea level.

Milwaukee experiences continental climate which is characterized of a wide range of temperatures. The city experience warmest temperatures in mid-July which are around 29.30C during the day and temperatures dropping to 18.20C at night.

Seasonal travel experience to Milwaukee


This is the period from March all the way to May. The season is moderately cold with a combination of humidity and varying temperatures. In this season the temperatures ranges from 23.90C to 0.60C, though the later months of the season are warmer.

Rain is common in this season and in every month precipitation occurs for 5 to 7 days. This is a second most busy season for tourism, as it is a good time, off the cold winter season. Common amazing activities in this season include;


This season has comfortable weather characterized of high temperatures hence suitable for fishing, hiking, biking among other outdoor activities. To enjoy fishing in Lake Michigan, ensure to carry fishing tools; reels, a saltwater fishing pliers, fishing lines and fishing knifes among other equipment. It is great to have salmons, bass, steel head and walleye for supper after busy day in the lake.

Summer is the busiest tourism period for tourism in Milwaukee, with a tough booking traffic and more expensive accommodations and lodgings than usual. The season starts from June all the way to august, and


This is a season from September all the way to November. The temperatures during this season ranges from 25.50C to 5.70C. It’s very windy and humid making causing the unfavorable chilly feeling. In every 5 to 6 days of every month of this season, there is raining and a significant amount snow.
Few tourist will vist Milwaukee in this season due to the cold weather and snow. At such a time, the hotels and accomodations rooms are less priced hence those willing to face the weather can go and enjoy the low cost.


This is a season running from December to February. The weather in Milwaukee is by far too cold anf unfavorable for the warmer travelers. On average temperatures during this season ranges from 3.40C to -1.60C and on average, there is a fair amount of snow in 4 to 7 times every month, hence tourist rarely visit during this season.

Best time to visit Milwaukee

Summer is the most popular time for tourist to visit in Milwaukee. The time is flooded with tourist, hence the hotels hike at a very high rate. You need to avoid the Summerfest week and the Labor Day week during this season as in such times the hotels are highly charged. Summerfest and Labor Day are from June 28th all the way to July 10th and august 31st to September 4th respectively.

September is the most recommendable month to travel to Milwaukee since the accommodations are cheaper and the temperatures are still warmer. At this month a small rental costs, $90 which is 35% lower compared to the august cost. The averages temperatures are 600 F, a bit colder than the high average temperatures of 750 F during the high seasons.

In case, you are planning for a November to December visit to Milwaukee, then be ready to encounter snow and chilly feel.

Best activities to do in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is greatly known for various features that provides great enjoyment and breath taking activities. These include the Milwaukee art museums, sport venues such as Miller Park and historic homes such as the Pabst mansion among other amazing places such as lakefront brewery for craft beer.

Kayaking in Milwaukee River.

Milwaukee is a running river hence paddling in kayak down it is heart throbbing activity. You can use a stand up paddling board as well or use a canoe to make it as exciting as you can.

Fishing is an amazing activity along Milwaukee River. At Bradford beach veteran pack is awesome place for sunbathing when the weather is hot and it is a great place for playing volleyball too.
Visit the Harley Davidson museum.

It is dream to all in the entire universe to visit the H-D museum. Here you will enjoy the artifacts on the company’s history and have fun in the sweet rides as well as understand exhibits on motorcycles history in America.

Exploring the beauty of the nature.

Milwaukee is packed with amazing roadside attractions and scenic locations that are extremely beautiful. A day exploring the mirror lake, Palfrey’s Glen and the Morganfalls, will be creating great memories to cherish forever.

Drink beer at parish church festivals.

Milwaukee holds traditional church festivals. Here you will enjoy free tons of beer, carnival rides and chicken dinner and cover bands. There is a lot of gambling games that are fun and beneficial if you win. You will find such festivals in every weekend during summer.

Other activities to enjoy in Milwaukee include:

  • Exploring various best bars and restaurants in Milwaukee
  • Wandering down the Brady Street.
  • Playing multiple swings at Swing Park
  • Visiting the walk sculpture avenue, etc.


Be keen to ensure that you visit Milwaukee when, the weather is favorable for your health. In case you need to plan a visit in some of the busiest months, ensure you have booked in advance to secure accommodations and hotels.

Milwaukee is an amazingly cool city endowed with surprisingly beautiful scenic features that you will surely enjoy. Follow this video for more information you may need on when to visit Milwaukee and the best activities available here. Get to visit this top tourist attraction city for long lasting memories!

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