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7 Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling a home can be worrisome, but there are ways that you can make your house an attractive and enticing proposition to prospective buyers. Read on for seven tips on how to selling your home fast and make sure your home sells profitably and quickly once you list it.

Curb Your Instincts

It can be tempting to offer the house as you have enjoyed it, with bright colours and quirky décor, but try to resist this impulse. People may really like your style, but most new buyers want to stamp their own personality on their new home. So once you decide to sell, you stand a better chance of selling quickly if you redecorate your home with neutral colours and plain décor schemes.

Clear Away Clutter

It is hard to see the full potential of a home if it is packed with occasional tables, knick-knacks and bookcases. Once you have decided to sell, you will be moving anyway so you might as well get started on the packing by stripping out all the non-essential items such as ornaments and the majority of your books and pictures. Keep just enough that the home looks lived in rather than a soulless box, and you will, firstly, be ahead with the packing and, secondly, allow prospective buyers to see the rooms and walls clearly, enabling them to imagine the house redecorated to their own tastes.

Access All Areas

You might want to move all your clutter and any packed boxes to an area that you do not allow to be viewed, but this is a mistake. People can be wary and might think you are hiding mould or damp or a structural fault of some kind – and being suspicious of you will not help them to warm up to buying your house! If you do have clutter, constrain it in boxes and cupboards – or simply be honest and let viewers see messy rooms with a quick apology! No one will seriously consider buying a building that they have not thoroughly explored.

Landscaping Needs

Make sure that the very first impression that buyers get is a good one and this means having curb appeal. From the moment they pull up in your driveway or in front of the home, they should be pleased and impressed with what they see. Make sure the lawn is green and neatly mowed, put in some flowering bedding plants or attractive pot plants and trim trees and hedges to make the garden seem bigger. It is a shameless trick, but people will be more likely to call their mortgage broker or bank if the garden of a prospective home is well-established and landscaped to look spacious and welcoming.

Smells Good!

Our sense of smell is a visceral one, and if a house smells homely and welcoming it will immediately make a good impression on future buyers. Bake some cookies and leave them, covered but beautifully displayed, on the dining table, and allow viewers to help themselves as they explore. If you are not a great cook, simply sprinkling a little cinnamon on the radiators will make a wonderfully welcoming scent waft through the whole house.

Musical Chairs

Rearrange your existing furniture, moving any pieces that make the rooms look overcrowded out into a box room or garage. The home must look clear and uncluttered in order to attract eager buyers, not cramped or squashed together. Make sure that people can move through the whole house without feeling constrained. This has a double bonus in that it makes the rooms more spacious.

Living the Best Life

Sell the lifestyle as much as the house. Choosing a home – and all the attendant admin and paperwork – can be a real step up in status for many people – make sure your house reflects this by offering that prestigious whole new way of life to the buyer, rather than a mere collection of bricks and mortar.