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6 Hacks to Keep Your Home in Mint Condition All Year Round

The best thing about regularly maintaining one’s home is that it is much easier than living with damaged or less functional areas of the house, and consequently ending up paying for massive replacements. The whole idea of it can be daunting for a lot of people, particularly new homeowners who, for example, have never seen a boiler in real life or cannot even begin to imagine where to start.

Remember a house operates in sync with the four seasons. It comes to life in the season of spring and it hunkers down as winter approaches.

Stay on top of things with these six ways to keep your home in pristine condition throughout the year.

Clean Your Floors and Grounds

It is recommended that when you schedule your spring cleaning you do not just plan on throwing out old clothes, making more closet space, and reorganizing things in your attic. This time around give your floors and grounds some attention too.

Make a checklist for accomplishing tasks. Rake up the leaves that have been there since winter. Use a layer of mulch on the flowerbeds to prevent weeds and protect the flora from drought. If you have trees, get a certified arborist to inspect them; they are well versed in checking for signs of a damage or other problems that could lead to a dying tree. This is also a good time to reseed your lawn and fill in bald patches before the summer heat takes over. A little later in the same season you will have to remember to fertilize the soil.

Check the Gutters

Gutters have a vital function. They ensure that your roof has proper foundation and siding. Clogged gutters are the number one reason why most roofs leak lead to permanent damage.

Now the amount of time you should give to your gutters depends on how many trees are around your property or how many hang just above your house. If your gutter has been clogged for a while, make sure you inspect for other damages too while cleaning it.

If you decide to clean the gutter yourself, be extra careful. Ladder injuries are nasty. If you feel like you have a tight schedule and cannot possibly get to it, hire a reliable gutter cleaner.

The Paint

The purpose of the paint coat on the outside of your house is to protect your house from rot, water damage, and shingles. This time around inspect the paint around your house and look for chipping or peeling coat. It is possible that you may want a fresh coat or a touch up. In case you want to hire a professional, remember to always time it right. You want to hire a professional by spring so that the paint job is complete by the beginning of summer.

Inspect Your Deck

If your house has a patio or deck, you may check winter’s damage done to your house. It is probable that your patio still has a layer of grime across it. You may check for signs of loose nails and cracked wood. You should also be able to pull out debris and leaves from between the boards yourself. Once you are done picking things, you can clean the deck properly.

You can do this by wetting the deck down with a garden hose, spraying it with cleaning solvent and water solution and making use of a pump sprayer. Let it rest for ten minutes afterwards. Next use a broom to scrub the surface and once again follow with a hose. A wooden deck must always be treated with borate for protection against rot and algae. You may also want the wood to dry for a couple of days before you can seal and stain it.

Using the Pool

A lot of people only give attention to their pools around summertime. If you own a pool, do not make this mistake. Clean it before summer arrives.

Begin by treating the water. You must check and change the filters and the valves in the pool. If no one has used the pool in a while, this becomes exceedingly important. If you are not sure how to check for the equipment around this area of your house, you can always ask for recommendations from your friends and family regarding a reliable pool service that will inspect, repair and will also offer additional services of cleaning it for you.


Even if you are the kind of household who almost never uses the fireplace, it is important to remember that your chimney needs regular clean up. A chimney, even when not in use, still harbors remnants of dangerous gases that are supposed to release from your furnace, wood stove or living room fireplace.

Although we may be used to the concept of old sturdy chimneys that have never been looked at for years, the truth is its sturdiness is not enough to keep the chimney function smoothly and keep the air inside your house breathable. You may, therefore, need to hire chimney repair services often.

You should make it a rule to clean your chimney at least once a year, and plan your cleaning for the chute according to how often the chimney is used, even if only once in four months. Doing this ensures the safety of the entire household.