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Choosing Right Style for Kids with Glasses

Many parents will agree that choosing beautiful, stylish, and practical glasses for your child can be difficult. If parenting’s daily challenges aren’t difficult enough, it can be difficult to get children used to their glasses, much less to get them to wear them.

Some tips can help the parents implement and help their children overcome any reluctance to wear glasses by ensuring that glasses are part of their busy life routine.

Despite the inherent fear of looking different, about one in ten students between the ages of four and 12 wear glasses to improve their vision. Simply reminding your child that she is no different and that she is certainly not the only one who wears glasses will boost her confidence at home and school.

It’s also important to make sure your child knows that wearing glasses is part of their daily routine, brushing their teeth and making their bed every morning. Once parents and their kids get down to cleaning the frames, putting them in place, and storing them in a safe place, they’ll get used to the process.

The process can be fun when it comes to choosing the best pair of glasses for your little one. When choosing a colorful frame, draw on something familiar, take inspiration from your sports team, Doona’s cover, or even your favorite cartoon character.

Since a child’s eyes don’t finish developing until age eight, you can expect your toddler to go through a few pairs of glasses frames over the years. Some tried, and true thumb rules will always help you choose the perfect pair of glasses for your child.

The best looks are when you are fully committed to the look and owning it!

Here are the best Halloween costumes perfect for those with glasses:

As Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn recommends this pair of Anoushka Tom Ford to have your Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These sunnies have an upswept browline that tapers near the temples. Combined with the iconic Tom Ford, you will be making a statement, whether on Halloween or at the beach.

Here are the top tips:

  1. For the best fit, the frames should be no higher than your child’s desire.
  2. Make sure the bottom edge of the frame never rests on your child’s when smiling.
  3. You should avoid frames that are too narrow, as they will not be wider than the width of your child’s temples.
  4. It also depends on eye color. If your child has blue, light to medium brown, or green eyes, try frames in rich brown, olive green, and rusty khaki as they will make her eyes stand out and become a feature.
  5. If your child has dark eyes such as dark blue, brown, gray, or black, opt for frames in purple and navy shades to emphasize the eye color’s depth.
  6. To add width between the closed eyes, choose a thin or transparent bridge for your child. A colorful bridge will make the wide eyes seem closer together.

If your child has a triangle, square or oval face, consider wide frames with eye-catching styles.

  1. It is very important to make sure that your child can move naturally and perform simple tasks without the glasses falling off his face.
  2. If your child is particularly active and you are concerned about the frame falling or breaking, consider putting a chain of glasses around his neck. The chains are especially useful if you need glasses for sports, as they can be put on and taken off at any time.