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How Sneakers Have Influenced Street Style

When sneakers first started gaining popularity, it was primarily a piece of athletic equipment.

However, today, they are also at the center of many popular styles, including streetwear. The evolution of sneakers has influenced fashion, particularly for men, in some profound ways. From Chuck Taylor to Superstar Adidas originals mens shoes to Yeezy, as shoes changed, so has streetwear.

What Is Street Style?

Streetwear is a style of casual clothing that focuses on bringing comfortable, casual clothing together in attractive and fashionable ways. It grew out of surf and skate culture with influences from hip hop, punk and Japanese street fashion.

Jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers all play central roles in street style. Since around the mid-2000s, haute couture has played an increased role in streetwear, seeing increasingly exclusive brands used for street looks, including sneakers. The style includes both primarily athletic-focused brands such as Diadora sneakers and fashion-focused menswear brands.

The Influence of Sneakers

These days, all the popular footwear brands have sneakers in their product lines. In many ways, sneakers were one of the first items of streetwear to gain popularity as something more than just comfortable and practical clothing. Buyers of athletic brands such as Nike, Puma and Adidas originals mens shoes have opted to keep their shoes looking as fresh as possible as a status symbol. This, in turn, resulted in an increasing number of fashion-focused options.

Between this and the massive popularity of endorsed, high-end sneakers, streetwear aficionados began increasingly focusing on the details of their outfits. Despite the casual clothing items that others may not think twice about, street style fans put a great deal of thought into creating a cohesive and fashionable look.

Another significant influence of sneakers is the rise of retro. Before other streetwear items began going retro, sneakers were at the head of the charge. Similarly, an increased interest in athletic-looking shoes has seen the rise of athletic clothes such as joggers as fashion items.

One of the great elements of modern streetwear and sneakers is that its popularity means there are lots of options. From grabbing a nice pair of Puma sneakers on sale to exclusive, limited-run sneakers, there is something for everyone.

You should see celebrities wearing sneakers all the time. All the sneaker brand advertisements have celebs endorsing their new sneakers in the market. If you have a favorite celebrity, you can find him wearing sneakers and you may want to imitate that style. If you are someone who is also a fan of streetwear, you should not miss out on having some of the most stylish sneakers you come across as you roam around your nearest shopping mall. There are so many online stores to find sneakers of all the popular brands and that is why checking online is more popular option to find unique yet hot new sneaker designs of popular brands before you buy one. Know the latest sneaker trends and buy one that is unique and most stylish to you.

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