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Tips for a Smooth Move

Love your new house, dread the move? Changing your life’s location should not be a nightmare experience.

Calm down, take a deep breath. Repeat. Read.

The simple guidelines listed below can eliminate most move jitters. Straightforward information helps you develop a customized anti-anxiety, frustration-diffusion plan.

Arrange Your Schedule – that’s mandatory to avoid the panic zone.  Change your mailing address, arrange for disconnection of utilities at your current abode and the connections at the new location. Arrange for babysitters if needed.

Schedule time off from work. Add extra days, if possible for flexibility. Let’s face it, nothing ever goes exactly as we plan.

Finesse as many bureaucratic details as you can, find out about schools, parks and recreation, places to worship, waste collection days and all the other newbie neighbor issues.

Move 101 is Declutter, this needs to be done before any packing begins. Do a quick scan of each room in the house and throw out or donate the obvious. That’s correct – gather up everything you don’t want, need or even like. Let them go.

Now attack every closet, storage space, pantry, toy chest, wicker basket and vanity in the house. Be ruthless, every item you toss is one you won’t have to pack. And this step begins the road to Organization.

Everyone loves this next one, Eat All The Food. The week prior to your move, eat as much of the food in the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets as possible, again lighten your load.

Juice and soda bottles, drink up and toss them into the recycling bin. That $50 jar of imported olives that resides in the back on the lowest shelf of the fridge, eat them or give them away.

When someone says “…can I help?” say “Yes”. Friends and family can collect boxes, pack, baby-sit, handle pet management, contribute food and drinks, etc. Make sure you give plenty of notice about dates and times when you will need them. Tell them it will be fun!

Getting Supplies you will need for the actual packing is important. It’s old-school, but boxes and newsprint are still the most move-friendly, without them there is no packing. No packing, no moving forward equals headaches. Headaches can lead to screams. Nobody wants that.

The best boxes are usually nearby  at the local pharmacy or other businesses that regularly receive supplies in boxes. You can find small for whatever, medium-sized for books and large cartons for clothing or linen. The store employees can usually let you know the best days to find clean, empty containers.

Save your own newspapers and grab  freebies whenever you get a chance. First, wrap up dishes, china and glassware that you don’t use often. Other delicate items may require packing paper or bubble wrap. A good supply of masking or other heavy tape is essential.

Keep the basic tasks of packing, transporting your possessions and unpacking as simple as possible. Label, label, label; otherwise unpacking is horrendous.

Take a dispassionate look at your personal inventory. Wow, who knew?

Do you need a hand truck or dolly to move large furniture and appliances?  What size van or moving truck do you want?

Keep pliers and screwdrivers handy to disassemble furniture and appliances. And don’t wait to arrange for rentals, or to borrow your cousin’s truck, get commitments as far ahead of time as possible.

Removal Companies

What? Wait… If what you just read sounds scary, consider the services of HJ Clarks, an experienced, professional moving company. Clarks tackles house moves for short and long distances, from the sett streets to the winding roads, this company works for you.

Clarks arranges to visit you at your home whenever it’s convenient. The initial appointment  combines your preferences and input with their removal expertise. Each customer receives a personalized strategy. Discuss all options and review Clarks’ extensive list of services.

Traditionally, trucks are on the road by 8:00 a.m., but you’re the boss, whatever time works for you is the goal. Clarks takes pride in customer satisfaction.

The company has quality recycled boxes, containers and cartons. Have confidence, leave the packing, unpacking and setup to trained professionals.  Clarks uses skilled removal workers, safety-conscious drivers and fully-serviced, reliable vehicles.

This family-owned business has over 100 years of reputable service. The company handles pianos and heavy furniture expertly and takes special care with antiques and memorabilia. Clarks uses protective packaging for delicate glassware and fine china.

Too much stuff? Clarks storage facilities are available to secure any overflow you have.

Whatever methods you choose to move house, remember to take deep breaths and focus. Good luck.