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New House Checklist: Things to Do Before Moving into a New House

Are you moving to your new house? Is it your first time that you are on your own? Well, many congratulations! All you need to do is make sure you have got all the essentials required for a new space to facilitate the luxury and comfort.

No matter how much you already know or if you are just the beginner, this is the right place for you. Here is our checklist that covers all the essentials you need, from the necessities to some comfort upgrades. So have a look:

First Aid Kit

Having all the necessities on hand is crucial, which includes a first aid kit. You may have heard about a lot of accidents that happen when moving from one place to the other. Even if you don’t like being fancy but having the essentials on hand is a must!

Another bonus tip would be to carry an extra roll of trash bags. When moving into a new house, trash bags are the first thing that you will need to avoid the clutter as well as to keep the space clean.

Kitchen Appliances

Diving into the details, kitchen appliances are something important that you must pay attention to. After having a long day working, what else do your body wants, apart from a good meal and some rest? For the starters, you should get all the basics, for example:

  • The cutlery
  • Flatware set
  • Plates and bowls
  • A set of glasses
  • Serving platters if you are a perfectionist
  • And a few wine glasses (if you don’t like things that require a lot of maintenance, you can get stemless glasses for wine. They not just look cute but are not very delicate; thus, do not break easily)

Now let’s come to some basic appliances that are going to make your life a lot easier and cooking so much more fun. Kitchen appliances are quite diverse; you can find a lot of stuff to cook pretty much everything in less than no time.

On top of everything, here is a list of the kitchen appliances you need to get before moving into your new home:

  • A multifunctional toaster oven
  • An instant coffee maker to make your mornings refreshing and light
  • A kettle if you are obsessed with tea just like we are
  • A yogurt maker (Never forget about the body’s nutritional needs and the basics you need to fulfill it. You can check out the best yogurt makers here by going to this list)
  • Last but not least, a dishwasher

Home Lighting

Lighting is crucial; although, it is something that you often overlook when furnishing any space, be it your bedroom or living room. Remember that lighting can entirely make or break your space and it’s finished look. There are a few things you should take into account before choosing the lighting for your room. One of them is if the room gets enough natural sunlight then you can keep the lights contemporary and not too bright. But if the place doesn’t really get any natural light and is all dark and gloomy so you need to consider something that can brighten up your space even in the daytime, for example, some ceiling lights, a nice chandelier if you have an extravagant budget or merely the wall bulbs. Make sure the size of the bulbs you choose is adequate because once the sun goes down, the first thing you will want to have would be a bright room with lots of light.

In case you want to spice up the decor, you can go for string lights. They are quite in these days, and it is a very reasonable option even if you are on a budget.

Living Room Furniture

Pay attention to the living room furniture is another must-do thing. Choose the furniture that is stylish to see yet comfy to use. A living room is a space you spend most of your time of the day; it is the place of the house which is not just meant for the private use but for a few guests as well so it ought to be comfortable and modern. You can get a sofa set in neutral shades along with a vibrant rug to add that missing pop of color. Other than that, a television, sound bar, and a few art pieces would finish the look of your space. You can also go for the recliners, it will give a rich look to your living room. Ekornes Stressless recliners are some of the most comfortable recliners.

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