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Kitchen Renovation: One of the Best Investments Any Homeowner Can Make

From cooking to dining, it is safe to say that the kitchen is probably the heart and busiest place inside the house.

And although doing a kitchen renovation can easily become one of the most expensive renovation projects you can have, it is also one that can provide the best value for your money.

When it comes to modern kitchen features, the sky is the limit when it comes to options and choices. Now, more than ever, most homeowners want a larger and a more open kitchen spaces.

Family Kitchen Party

This is because the kitchen does not only add value to your home, but it is also the seemingly best way in order to find new enjoyment in your home— most social gatherings gravitate towards the kitchen, right? And with a beautiful kitchen design, this should be truer than ever.

Here are some kitchen renovating tips for a smart investment:

Find Creative Storage Solutions

There is a good chance that you have some unused space where storage can go unless of course, your kitchen is completely cramped.

Consider installing and open shelving area where appliances might not fit. Also, you can move bigger appliances like refrigerators a few inches to the right or to the left in order to open up spaces for shelving or cabinets.

In case your pantry is looking a bit crowded, then reorganize it and see about installing some spinning spice racks in order to open up more space. These are only some of the inexpensive options to open up spaces and making the kitchen easier to work in.

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Instead of knocking down the walls and thinking of starting out fresh, you only need to take a few steps back.

Take a look at your walls and its condition. You can spend less if you add new designs and patterns to the existing walls, depending on its current state.

Country Kitchen

You can also freshen it up with only a few coats of paint which gives you the capability to update or personalize your kitchen, depending on how much wear and tear it has endured and how old it is.
The cost of a paint job in a kitchen will vary, however, it is expected to pay between $350-$600 on average.

Add Some Decorative Accessories

In order to enhance the designs of your kitchen without removing the existing pieces, try investing in decorative accessories. Some of the pieces you can include are:

  • Candles that add natural fragrance and light
  • Artwork which matches your new paint
  • Pendant lightings with an appealing style and designs
  • There are different accents that you can incorporate in your kitchen, depending on your budget and design

Update Your Light Fixtures

Depending on your kitchen’s age, there is a good chance that your lighting fixtures are outdated and can be consuming a high amount of electricity. There are older homes which were built with incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Nowadays, it is best to go for greener alternatives. There is always two way to update your kitchen light fixtures:

  • If you have hanging, chandelier-like lightning, then you can replace it with recessed lighting for around $400.
  • Replace your old bulbs with a CFL light bulb that cost around $10-$20 at your local home improvement stores.

Investing in the first option can provide long-term results for 2 reasons: one, it gives your kitchen a contemporary look and two you can avoid hitting your head on hanging lamps.

Build Cabinets Vertically

One more option to optimize your kitchen space without remodeling is to use every vertical space. Usually, home owners decide to have built-in cupboards, cabinets, and shelves horizontally, which can take a lot of space below and above them.

Building cabinets that can reach the ceiling to the floor or stack up on each other, however, can better optimize your kitchen wall space. It can be harder to reach to your cabinets that are near ceilings, however, you can always have a stepladder nearby.


Kitchen renovations come with benefits as well as headaches. However, a gleaming new kitchen can make your home more livable and boost the equity value of your real estate. Furthermore, a newly-renovated kitchen can become the focus of family life and the heart of any social gatherings making it a project that is worth the effort, money and time.