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Should Women Take The Same Protein Powder As Men?

Being healthy is the new trend. People are trying to pull their lives together more than ever. Maybe it is the effect of social media, that we see other people being healthy and active that we want to achieve that too. Protein perhaps is a very important building block for muscles. This is why when you are trying to put on some weight doctors and dietitians, recommend you to eat more meat and eggs, as they contain a high amount of protein in them. Protein powders are an efficient source of protein. They are quite helpful even if you are trying to lose weight as they make you feel like your stomach is full and gives you the right amount of nutrition.

Now the problem is that does protein shakes work effectively for both genders? As the requirement of women body is different than men’s. Male bodies require more amount of protein as compared to women. To find the answer to this question, let’s have a look at these points given below.

Protein is protein

See, the bottom line of every debate is that every human body, whether it is male or female, it requires protein to make muscles. The source of protein does not matter, anyways. Your body is going to break down the food same way, and it’s going to help you the same way. Protein shakes are even better as the body does not have to do extra work, as it is straight out protein. Also, there is no difference between men’s and women’s protein. So, coming to the end, yes, you can use men’s protein. In fact, there is basically no difference between men’s and women’s protein shakes. Some companies just want to make some extra cash by just changing the labels on the bottle.

Difference between men’s and women’s body

If someone ever tells you that they there is no difference between men’s and women’s body completely wrong. Men tend to require more amount of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals etc. As compared to women. Which is why in women’s protein shake there is less amount of everything. If you keep taking the men’s protein shake, it might cause some adverse effect because the intake will be much larger than the requirement of your body every day. Apart from this women body needs are different, they require more amino acids, vitamin B6, and iron. So, accordingly, women’s protein shakes are supposed to contain more amount of these.

Best women’s protein shakes

So far, whey protein seems to be the best one. Basically, there are many brands that are racing to achieve the first position, but whey protein shake seems to be winning right now as they specifically design protein shakes for women. They have complete research of what and how much amount is required to keep a woman’s body in shape. It contains a high amount of amino acid, vitamins, and iron which are the major requirement of a women body.