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Led Shop Lighting – The Best Choice for Shop Lights

Whether you have a large or small work area, garage, shop or store, the brightness is your basic need. Without the right brightness, you and your work area could be hurt. Poor light is very harmful to the health of your eyes as well as your well-being. The shops need to be brightly lit to attract people and showcase the products. Led shop lighting is the newest and reliable LED version of the fluorescent shop lights with a number advanced features.

Led shop lighting is normally used in shops, garages, bars and workshops where a simple yet economical lighting fixture is required to illuminate a small area, such as a countertop or workbench. They have a long lifespan, are vibration-free, generate far less heat than their incandescent or halogen counterparts, and consume much less energy – about a tenth of a halogen power – for a similar power.

The lighting that shop owners choose for their stores has great importance and can influence shoppers’ buying decisions. Because of this, many large retailers spend thousands of dollars researching which forms of lighting work best in their stores. Proper store lighting can encourage customers to buy products. Because of this, it is very important for store owners to think about how they light their store.

Since shop lights are usually located closer to the ground, they are more susceptible to accidental impact from power tools or accidental objects. Breakage of a fluorescent lamp can be hazardous and requires considerable cleaning effort.

Unlike fluorescent lamps, which emit light at a 360 degree angle, LED lamps direct the light downward. In shop lights, this makes the actual efficiency of LED shop lights even higher than fluorescent shop lights, which lose some of the upward light. LED shop lighting can take advantage of expanded light spectrum options, including high color rendering index and optimized photosynthesis.

Types of LED shop lights

There are two main types of LED shop lights available today: integrated LED shop lights and retrofit LED shop lights.

Integrated LED shop lights

Integrated LED shop lights have LED chips and electronics installed directly into the fixture, so there is no longer a “lamp” to replace.

The idea behind LED technology is that the light will continue to emit enough light until the fixture itself is taken out of service.

Retrofit LED shop lights

On the other hand, when retrofitting LED light, the light is kept separate from the fixture, making them replaceable. This usually involves using fluorescent lights for shops and replacing fluorescent lamps with LEDs. A fluorescent shop light almost always has built-in fluorescent ballast.

How long do LED Shop Lights last?

The Led shop lighting have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. This is about 50 times longer than a conventional incandescent lamp, 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen, and 8-10 times longer than a typical CFL. With 12 hours a day, 50,000 bulbs will last over 11 years.

How many lumens are required to light a shop?

Lights and bulbs have labels that indicate the number of lumens per device. A general rule of thumb is to use 130 to 150 lumens per square foot of workspace. For example, a 40 W fluorescent lamp gives about 2200 lumens. A 60W incandescent lamp gives about 800 lumens.

How Much Light is Necessary for Your Work Area?

Whether you have a large or small work area, garage or store, the brightness you need. But how much do you need in the workplace? To have enough to work, you will need at least two watts of light per square foot. Of course, factors such as windows and natural light entering your workplace, as well as light paint on walls and floors, can make a difference during the day.

Led shop lighting has many advantages, but the main ones are:

Do more but consume less energy:

. Led shop lighting efficiently produces a lot of light at low wattage. For example, one 5-watt LED can provide more light (measured in lumens) than one standard 75-watt incandescent lamp. A 5 watt LED can do the work of a 75 watt incandescent lamp at 1/15 of the power consumption.


The height and position of the led shop lights are easily adjustable. Typical 4ft LED tubular fixtures are ceiling mounted, making them difficult to install, and permanently fixed in place.

Last longer

Led shop lighting is virtually maintenance free – they have no filament to burn out, so they last much longer. A standard household light bulb with a long lifespan will burn for about 2,000 hours. The lifespan of the Led shop lighting can reach 100,000 hours! According to some reports Led shop lighting can last up to 40 years. Imagine not having to change a light bulb for years. There are LED products available this year that will change bulbs frequently in the 20th century.

Wastes less light

Led shop lighting can be positioned exactly where light is needed, so less light is spent on secondary areas, further saving energy costs.


LED shop lights are usually made from extremely durable polycarbonate plastic, and even if they break, they do not leak hazardous chemicals.

Easy to install:

A shop light must be easy to install and does not require complex wiring or electrical knowledge.

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