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Is Your Car Totaled in the Accident? This is What You Can do About it

A car is generally considered to be totaled when the cost of the upkeep is more than the value of the car. If your car gets involved in an accident, it might be labeled as “totaled” which means that the insurance company is compelled to pay you an amount as a settlement, which is generally the fair market value of your vehicle. If your car has been involved in an accident, you can do one of the following things:

Get the insurance for a new car

You can try to get the insurance money from the agency you have enrolled during the purchase of the car. Insurance companies use numerous factors to determine whether the car is worth saving or if it has to be totaled.

How do the insurers fix the value of the car?

To determine the worth of the car, insurers primarily check a list of factors to get a brief idea of your car’s actual value. Some of the factors are its age, condition, mileage, and the resale value of it.

If the insurers finalize that the car is totaled, you will be receiving a specific amount as the value for your car. When it comes to the insurance settlement, you have the right to bargain which is not commonly known by everyone. You can get a higher price for the car if you have the ability to bargain. By getting the money for your car, you will be able to put the money in investing for your next car.

Car removal services

Scrap car services specialize in buying all kinds of vehicles which are in a less-than-perfect condition regardless of the wrecked or totaled cars. By hiring these services, the agents of this organization will come to your place and get rid of the car for you. They will come to your place and have a brief check-up of your car. The advantage of these agencies is the freedom to opt any time you want. To get the list of agencies near you, try searching for scrap car removal and you will be given the list of all the agencies around you.

Cash for scrap services

With the help of cash for scrap services, it has become very easy to sell your junk car. You will just have to fill a form which will include the details of your car and its details. The agencies will have a direct conversation with you and will provide you with a quote right away. Once the requirements are met, the agency will fix an appointment with you and the car is picked up accordingly. There will be no charges for picking up the car from your place.

Scrap yard

You can take your car directly to a scrap yard if you are not willing to give it either to an insurance company or a car removal service. The scrap yard services will crush the whole car and give you the amount for recycling the car. Scrap yard jobs do not give you as much money as the other services but they take totaled cars as well.

Keep the car and sell it for salvage

When the insurance company buys the cars which have been totaled, they will sell the parts of the car. You can do this and get more income from your totaled car. It is very easy to learn to separate certain parts from the car and place them on the websites which deal with used car parts. This can also be considered as a good option if you want to use these salvaged parts to use them on another car.

Bidding farewell to your car can never be fun but you can still end up being financially unharmed. All of the options listed above have their own ups and downs, so take your time and do proper research before you can decide what to do with your totaled car.