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How to Impress a Smart Woman on a Date

We often think about routine questions, how to make it through moments of life, and why we should do some work other people tell us to do. All these are usually troublesome questions that require reflection on mental and philosophical issues that barely brings any positive emotions. But planning a date – is another thing that makes our positive imagination work for circumstances. If you’re fond of smart sexy girls, you should know to impress them to make them interested. And usually, this task is more complicated than it seems. 

Why impressions matter when it comes to love relationships 

Positive effects that surprises have to help build more solid relationships because of the following reasons:

  • A woman feels appreciated. If a man tries to impress a woman, it means that she has been great at doing her job at grooming herself and being an interesting interlocutor. So, surprise makes her feel better, enhances her self-esteem, and motivates her to move forward.
  • Impressions are memories. Impressions, made in some specific circumstances, are often associated with images, odors, and other things. They become strong memories that bring value to your relationships if they are long-lasting.
  • Some women perceive men’s abilities to impress as a test. It reveals how inventive a man is and what means he’s ready to use to reach the goal. It may be an indicator of what is his natural behavior in complicated life situations. 

These are only several reasons worthy of mentioning. The fact — is surprising your woman is a valuable process that brings lots of positive emotions and is helpful for your relations.

How to impress an intelligent lady 

Impressing a smart woman is a complicated task. Usually, beautiful and intelligent women are tired of cheap compliments and trivial actions men do to draw their attention. That’s why, to impress them, men need to use their resourcefulness and never borrow ideas without any modifications. Below you’ll find some criteria that a surprise should correspond to:

  • Originality. Whether the concept is borrowed, never copy performance. When the realization is original, it brings more value to your ideas and efforts.
  • Accordance. A surprise should be arranged so that impressions feel natural and convenient to the moment a couple finds themselves. An exaggerated or too slight effect would feel awkward.
  • Individualizing. It matters when a man considers her preferences, hobbies, activities, and other areas of life. It shows he’s attentive, meaning serious about their relationship. 
  • References. Impressions are not only about giving positive emotions — but a decent demonstration of your positive features. A man who knows to show his knowledge cleverly is rare and wanted.

You can think further on that topic to reach related criteria. 

Impressing a smart lady is a task you need to approach seriously. Just the same as you can benefit from the positive effect of a successful surprise, you can suffer from disgrace if you do not take a significant aspect into account. Find a smart lady to impress on and take your chance!