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How to Store Maple Syrup? Learn the Best 4 Ideas for Storage

Maple syrup is one of the most talked-about ingredients in the market. While it is more expensive than other breakfast syrups, maple syrup lovers think it’s worth every penny. This isn’t without good reason; while being delicious, many maple syrup health benefits also add to the list of reasons for its popularity. Whether you are making a family reunion dinner or breakfast for yourself, adding your favourite pancakes and waffles loaded with maple syrup is a great idea to incorporate into the menu.

When you buy maple syrup, you will find several instructions on its packaging. These instructions are about storing the maple syrup properly. If you do not store it as directed, it may go bad because its high sugar content makes it resistant to spoiling. We do not advise using bad maple syrup in your recipes.

Storing maple syrup is no rocket science. Follow the below-listed tips.

Store your Maple Syrup at Room Temperature

After buying a bottle of maple syrup, store it at room temperature. Follow this tip if you haven’t opened the bottle.

Refrigerate if Opened

Do not keep an open bottle of maple syrup at room temperature. Hot temperatures will spoil this ingredient, and you will see crystals on the top of it. Thus, once opened, store maple syrup in a refrigerator. When it is cool, it remains unspoiled.

Freeze it for a Long-Term Use

If you want to use maple syrup in the long term, we advise you to put it in the freezer. When maple syrup is made, it comprises a sugar density of 66 degrees Brix. At this level of density, the ingredient is full of saturated sugars.

If the water inside the sugar starts to evaporate, it may increase its density. Over time, the syrup may become textured or gritty. It also changes the taste and makes it unpleasant to eat. Thus, always freeze your maple syrup in the freezer if you want to use it for six months or more. 

Store the Syrup in a Glass Container

If your maple syrup has a plastic container, transfer it into a glass jar or container. Glass bottles are perfect for keeping the syrup at room temperature. It works just as well as canning in the process of conservation.

A glass bottle also keeps your syrup away from too much light. When you expose this ingredient to a lot of light, its colour and texture may change. Extreme sunlight also speeds up the evaporation process of the syrup, thus spoiling it before its shelf life.

If the bottle of maple syrup is sealed and maintained at the desired temperature, there is no need to freeze it. The syrup will thrive for 3-6 months in the refrigerator and a year in the freezer.

How to Tell if Maple Syrup has Gone Bad?

By checking the following points, you can tell if your maple syrup has gone bad or spoiled.

  • Closely examine the appearance of maple syrup. If you see mould, it means that the syrup has gone bad. Visible moulds are easy to identify. It may appear fuzzy and light green or brown. As mould may be subtle in its early growth stages, you may miss seeing it. Thus, always glance at the surface after opening the bottle or before using the liquid. 
  • Smell the maple syrup thoroughly to check if it has gone bad. If the syrup smells musty, sour, or strange, it is spoiled, and you should not use it. 
  • Taste the maple syrup a little bit before using it in your recipe or topping. The ingredient has gone bad if you feel that the flavour is sour, cardboard, salty, or tastes like Tootsie roll. It has lost its freshness, and you should discard using it.


We hope that the above-listed tips and instructions help you store your maple syrup properly. Do not use spoiled maple syrup as it may harm your gut health and lead to various infections, allergies, and other problems.