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5 Camera Tips That Will Make You a Better Photographer with Your iPhone

Every version of the iPhone has consistently upgraded its camera, be it iPhone X or iPhone 11. Images shot using iPhones can be easily compared to those shot on professional-grade DSLR cameras and since you can buy models like the iPhone 11 Pro on EMI, you can purchase one while keeping your purse strings happy.

Moreover, iPhone cameras are easier to use as they have multiple auto-enabled settings, lens and menu options. However, understanding an iPhone camera along with all its hidden features can make all the difference between a good shot and a great shot. Among the best ways to click an Instagram-worthy photo is to know your device well, explore its various functionalities and features, and click pictures in various light and dark settings. These days, even few best camera phones under 10000 lets you capture very attractive selfies to paint your social profiles with lovely pictures.

To help you hone your skill, here are five camera tips that will help you become a better photographer with your iPhone.

Use Grid option to capture the perfect image

Perfectly composing a shot gives it the necessary visual cues and adjusts for depth better than any photo editing software can. It is also the mark of a professional photographer and helps distinguish great photography from the average. So, to compose your photo and get the frame right, enable the Grid option on your iPhone. You can access this by going to the Photo & Camera option in Settings. Now, you will see multiple vertical and horizontal lines dividing your screen. You can use these lines for reference and intelligently place your subjects within them to either create the illusion of depth or add character by highlighting other elements.

Set the right focus and exposure

An iPhone camera automatically sets its focus and exposure while clicking an image. However, if the camera is focusing on the wrong part or over/under exposing the subject, tap on the desired section of the screen to adjust the focus and exposure. You can also manage the exposure of your iPhone camera manually by sliding the sunburst symbol up and down. Moreover, if you want to lock the exposure and focus irrespective of where you point the camera, you can do so by long-tapping on the screen till the AE/AF Lock option appears. Use this technique to capture silhouettes and other creative forms of photography.

Get closer to your subject

Avoid using the zoom feature of your iPhone camera. While composing your photo, like professional photographers, move closer to your subject rather than using the zoom function of your phone. Since it does not have an optimal zoom function, the iPhone camera degrades the quality and reduces the size of the photo by zooming in digitally. Additionally, digitally zooming also sacrifices depth and can make the image look flat and unappealing.

Avoid using the shutter button

One of the best ways to capture the perfect selfie with a picturesque background is to avoid using the shutter button. Instead, use the volume button on the side or the volume button on your earphones. This way, you get the framing right and avoid clicking pictures uncomfortably or with subpar orientation.

Focus on the lighting

One of the critical aspects of an excellent photograph is lighting. Generally, iPhone cameras can capture beautiful shots in bright and natural light. Therefore, whenever possible, move your subject into a well-lit environment or closer to the window, if inside. Another thing to avoid is backlight as this makes it difficult for the camera to adjust for the right exposure, resulting in dark images. To rectify this, ensure that there is no light coming from the back of your subject, unless you’re clicking silhouettes.

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