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How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

It may be time to have your carpet cleaned by a professional, and the kind of company you select to do the job plays a huge role in ensuring that the quality of your carpet remains intact. Spending money on a carpet cleaner and failing to get the results you would expect can be devastating. Checking through the qualities of a high-quality carpet cleaning company is a great way to ensure that you get high-value services. These pointers will help you select the right carpet cleaning Allentown company.

The company should be insured

Any company that offers carpet cleaning services should be insured by a reputable insurance provider. The carpet company should have a treatment risk cover to protect your valuable carpet in the case of any mishap and assure you of compensation. Moreover, any reputable company would have workmen’s compensation insurance to protect their employees from the hazards of the job.


The carpet cleaning services should have the licenses and permits required to operate a professional carpet cleaning business. Research the necessary licenses and permits for cleaning companies in your country or state and ensure that the company has them. The company should also be willing to provide you with these documents as proof of their legitimacy. Working with an accredited company should also help you to avoid issues with the law later on and provide you with grounds for legal complaints in case the company is negligent.

Staff competence

The employees of the carpet cleaning company should be professionals with certifications from the IICRC or the NCCA. Any reputable company should be more than happy to show you these certifications.

Past testimonials

The clients the company has worked with in the past are reliable sources of information regarding the quality of the company’s services. You should be able to get a portfolio of the company’s previous jobs and get a feel of their services. If you have a friend or family member with rugs and carpets that they regularly get cleaned, they can recommend an affordable and helpful company.

The equipment that they use

A professional carpet cleaning company should have professional and reliable cleaning equipment at the ready. Avoid companies that choose cost over quality and use substandard detergents and other equipment that can result in carpet damage or unsatisfactory results. Again, a professional company should use a machine rather than manual means to clean the carpets. Technology is advanced, and the company you hire should have state of the art tools with less noise pollution so that your home’s or office’s tranquility is not disturbed.

Their cost

A reputable company should offer a free consultation and quote to help you pool your cash together. The fee should match that charged by other companies in the industry at that particular time. Also, look out for hidden costs that can really inflate the bill. Also, avoid settling and paying over-the-phone quotes as these are often exaggerated. While you want to hire an affordable company, avoid those whose quotes are way too low, as the quality of their services will most likely be of low quality.

Money back policy

Look through the contract the company asks you to sign for any policy that they can use to take advantage of you or escape liability for any misbehavior. More importantly, look for a money-back policy. This guarantee should be reasonable as most companies that are confident with their services should be glad to offer a solid money-back policy.


Branding may not look like much, but a carpet cleaning company should have a brand that stands out and makes it easy for you to recognize its staff. This way, you should be able to research the company. Again, it is far safer for you to trust someone with a company logo to take care of something of high value such as a carpet or invite them into your home.

Online reviews

Any carpet cleaning company worth its salt should have a comprehensive website or blog online that you can easily access and find out what they are all about. The company should also have a social media presence that you can scroll through and determine how they interact with potential clients. Also, consider checking through review websites to see what other clients think of the business. Negative reviews can be a red flag, even more, if the company does not seem to respond to them or acknowledge responsibility and seek to correct things.


Carpet cleaners are not only valuable for homeowners, but for businesses as well. The internet has many professional carpet cleaning services, and selecting the right one will make your carpet clean and fresh, and make your premises a pleasant environment. The right company should also meet your expectations, budget, and needs.