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Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lights: What to Know Before Buying!

Looking for a quick and cost effective way to completely revamp the look, feel, and usage of your home? Then look no further than where you do your cooking! The farmhouse style is incredibly popular for its terrific look and versatility, so why not overhaul your kitchen by placing new pendants over your island or sink?

With the tremendous interest comes an absolutely huge amount of farmhouse kitchen pendants to choose from. So how, exactly, do you know which will be right for you? After all, the last thing you want to do is to install your new lighting only to realize you overlooked an important step. Well, have no fear, because if you keep reading you’ll learn everything you need to know before beginning your search.

How many farmhouse pendants do I need in the kitchen?

This depends on a few things. One, where will you be placing the pendants? Over your sink or over the kitchen island? For over the sink, look for something on the smaller side, meaning less than a foot in diameter. For placing over your island, its length will be the deciding factor. If it’s four to five feet in length, then two small to medium sized pendants will look great and be very functional. Larger islands will need three pendants spaced evenly, or a multi-light rectangular fixture at least two feet in length. Regardless of your kitchen island’s size, if you’re placing multiple pendants the ideal spacing is two feet apart.

What height should I hang farmhouse kitchen pendants over the island?

Measuring from the very bottom of the pendant, a height over your island of 30 to 36 inches above the countertop is ideal. This will give you plenty of space to move around while still placing the lights where they’ll illuminate the island evenly and at a comfortable brightness. Look for pendants with an adjustable hanging length to make this an easy process. With the farmhouse style being so popular, you should have no problem finding plenty of options that meet this important criteria.

What materials should I look for in a farmhouse pendant in the kitchen?

For reasons of both durability and looks, the most common materials of farmhouse kitchen pendants are metal and wood. These will ensure that your lights last for many, many years while still giving you the perfect rustic look and feel you’re after with the farmhouse style.

What farmhouse kitchen pendant light shape works best?

This all comes down to what you’ll be using the lights for. If you already have plenty of light in the kitchen, then you can go with whatever shape you like the most. If you need the pendants to provide illumination for food prep, however, then a dome shape is typically thought to be the best choice. Dome shaped pendants will provide an even, focused light directed downwards to the kitchen island. It’s a very common shape so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding plenty of options from which to select.

How often will I need to clean my kitchen farmhouse pendant lights?

This will all depend on how clean you like to keep things and just how much usage you get out of your kitchen. If you do a lot of cooking and have an active household, then more frequent cleaning will be necessary. For most people, however, a thorough cleaning just twice a year will be plenty. Between cleanings, regular dusting is plenty to keep your kitchen farmhouse pendants looking good as new.

By this point you should know everything necessary to begin choosing which farmhouse kitchen pendant lights will work best for you. As we’ve mentioned already, it’s a very popular style so any major lighting site like will have dozens of options to pick from. Think carefully over all we’ve covered and you’re sure to find something that works perfectly for you!