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How Can You Earn Money By Playing League Of Legends?

What Is Elo In League Of Legends?

Have you ever thought that the skill level of your opponents in computerized chess games is increasing with your winnings? It is because of the Elo rating system integrated with the computer system for the game. Elo is a rating system that matches the skill levels of two players and makes them play with each other in the successive games. Although it was used only in Chess for years, it is now being used in almost all team games and individual games like the League of Legends. In the initial stages, your Elo rating will be less, and you will feel your opponents are easy to beat. But as you practice and win a lot, the strength of your opponent will increase mutually. Playing with high skilled players will always be thrilling and joyful. So, many players wished to go to that level without waiting for a long time and playing a lot of easy games. The demand has made some gaming companies do it as a service. These companies are hiring pro players of League of Legends and letting them play with the clients’ accounts to increase their ratings in return for a small charge. The process is known as LoL Elo boosting. You do not need to play any of the easy levels and waste your time to get the experience of a high Elo player. If you buy a package from these Elo boosting companies, they will do this for you while you can continue your other works. There will be an option to chat with the pro players who are playing in your account to clear your doubts and update yourself with the game.

Can You Become An Elo Booster?

Yes. Any individual player who is better at playing League of Legends can join an Elo boosting company and serve as an Elo booster and earn money. Many LoL players are doing this for a passive income. You can use your passion for the game to get money for the livelihood. The better you play, you will get more benefits and pay. The main job is to play with a beginner account and increase his Elo within an agreed period. Each Elo boosting company will have its requirements to select a booster. If you apply for the job and fulfil them by showcasing your talents, you can join the company. Some of the requirements to become an Elo booster are as below.

  • A ranking position of Diamond 1 or above is necessary
  • A decent honor level is a must
  • You should have the skill to finish at least one division per day
  • Better communication and interpersonal skills are some considerations in the selection process

On fulfilling the above requirements, you can decide to join as an Elo booster in a boosting company you like. There are several such companies out there, and it is necessary to find a reliable company to get a better experience as a working environment.