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Why Does It Feel Like Handymen Are Always Unreliable?

Owning a home is a big investment that provides a foundation for building a family. While there are many benefits to owning your own home, there are additional responsibilities. Homes require maintenance and the knowledge to fix or replace what’s necessary.

You may be somewhat familiar with plumbing, electrical, roofing, and construction. However, most of the time, it’s better to call in a professional to correctly complete the job. But why does it feel like handymen are always unreliable?

If you’ve spoken with neighbors and friends, you’ve probably heard about negative experiences with handymen. These stories can include:

  • Didn’t show up on time or at all
  • Quoted price vastly different from the final price
  • Work was poor

There’s no doubt that many people have experienced the dark side of handyman home repair. But then again, you also must know there are talented artisans producing quality work out there. Professionals providing the best and most knowledgeable service do exist. So, to understand why some handymen can be unreliable, let’s examine some of the factors creating this sentiment.

A Job Title Doesn’t Guarantee Quality

Unfortunately, just because someone appears to be qualified doesn’t mean they are. It’s possible to hire someone with very little experience. Granted, everyone must start somewhere, but it’s probably not your first choice to have a novice repairing your home. Not only could the existing problem get worse, but you’ll have to go through the handyman hiring process all over again.

No Available References, Referrals, or Reviews

It can be a gamble hiring someone without any evidence of their work ethic, list of completed jobs, or customer reviews. While it would be nice to trust their word alone, this could spell trouble for your home repair or project. Every handyman is trying to collect a paycheck and, therefore, some might embellish or outright falsify their abilities. You don’t want someone unqualified doing the work, and you should expect more when handing over your hard-earned money.


Sometimes, the handyman hired has extensive experience and can complete the job. However, due to an issue with scheduling, they have taken on too many jobs at once. Once taking the job, the handyman doesn’t want to refuse paying work and attempts to complete them anyway. This lack of time management can lead to rushed work that isn’t typical of this particular handyman but becomes the homeowner’s problem regardless.

How to Fix the Problem of an Unreliable Handyman

If you’re thinking there’s no way to navigate these problems and dread hiring a handyman, there’s good news. There’s a way to determine experience level, get customer reviews and verify that a handyman can manage time effectively. By searching online directories of professionals, you can learn a lot about who you will be hiring before you agree to their services. There are dedicated websites designed to help you hire vetted specialists with a proven history of performance.

Hire Right the First Time

Your homeownership experience will inevitably involve a repair or project of some type. Hiring a professional handyman to complete work on your home is something you should consider. Despite the stories you’ve heard from others regarding unreliable handymen, there are expert tradesmen who will perform top-level work on your home.

Handymen can seem unreliable without an online directory showing project examples and customer reviews. Homeowners can unwittingly hire the wrong person for the job. The average handyman could be inexperienced, have no reviews, or fail to manage their time efficiently. That’s why you should consider using an online service that can help you find the right handyman for your home project.