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9 Major Benefits of Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney

Each year, more than one million people are arrested for drunk driving. Were you recently arrested and charged with a DUI? If so, you probably have a lot of questions.

Should you hire a DUI defense attorney? The answer is yes, and here are reasons you should consider hiring a DUI defense lawyer.

1. Pursue the Best Course of Action

By working with an experienced DUI attorney, you have experience for your case. They understand what you face and your chances of getting sentenced or the slight possibility of getting your case dropped.

This knowledge lets them guide you on what is best for your case. This includes whether you should plead not guilty or if you should seek a plea deal.

2. Get a Reduced Sentence

A DUI case has different penalties depending on the situation. If you are a regular offender, your consequences will most likely be harsher over time. If you are a first-time offender, you may be able to strike a plea with the prosecution team.

DUI lawsuits are severe and complicated. You need to work with someone that understands the legal system and can help you get the dui defense legal help that you need to have a lower sentence for your case.

3. You Can Save Money

Since a DUI attorney knows the court system and how to handle judges, they can make sure you have the best evidence to lessen your case. Since they are well-versed in these cases, they will thoroughly examine your case, and get you a quicker trial—which means less time in the courtroom.

This experience saves you time and money. The efficiency of a lawyer versus you trying to navigate the court system can save you money. If you can get a dismissal, you have saved even more money.

4. Possible Dismissal

As mentioned above, an experienced DUI attorney knows what evidence stands up in court. If your case goes to trial, you want someone with this experience to defend you.

They will know if the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you based on past cases. If not, your case may be dismissed, but that’s something you wouldn’t know without proper knowledge and expertise.

5. Understanding the Legal System

DUI attorneys know the rules, DUI laws, standards, and requirements for a drunk driving trial. You may get a free one-on-one consultation, but you want to make sure you choose a lawyer that can negotiate reduced sentences and knows the ins and outs of the court system.

It’s best to choose experience over the price for this reason.

6. Help Complete the Paperwork

If you get a probation sentence for your FUI, there is a lot of comprehensive paperwork for you to fill out. If you make a single mistake, it can delay or cause issues with your case for months. 

Having a lawyer that knows how to deal with this paperwork will prevent this from happening. They will work with you and review your paperwork to make sure it is completed properly and without errors.

7. Get Your License Returned

Most DUI felonies will get your driver’s licenses suspended or revoked. By working with the best DUI attorney, you can get your license back. This lawyer will support your case with the state department of motor vehicles to get your license back when it is permissible.

8. Working With the Prosecution

DUI attorneys typically have a relationship with the prosecution team. This relationship is vital to your case and may help it get dismissed depending on severity and evidence. 

There are instances where prosecutors and lawyers will work together to get a favorable deal for all parties. This is something hard to do on your own.

The prosecution works hard to get the highest penalty possible, and they want to work by the book. They don’t really look at you as a person and your circumstances, but your lawyer can change that. Your lawyer can help them understand your situation and help reduce your punishment.

9. Peace of Mind

There are some things you can’t put a price tag on—including your peace of mind. Having a lawyer at your side will help you feel more confident. You know that your case is being managed by a professional that knows the systems better than you ever could.

DUIs are stressful. You need this peace of mind and will probably find it worth every penny as you work through this case.

Tips for Finding the Right DUI Defense Attorney

As you start your search, start asking around for referrals. Don’t forget to check out online reviews. When you meet with attorneys, ask them about their track record, experience, practice habits, and see if they’ve seen a case like yours.

You also want to check their demeanor and make sure you feel comfortable. Be completely honest with your attorney, so you can judge where you stand. 

It’s important to compare prices, but don’t make price your sole decision-maker. You need experience and someone you can trust. 

DUI cases are different, which means their results are too. Some go to trial while others end up with just a period of license suspension. It truly depends on the case.

Get Help Today

Hiring the best DUI defense attorney may seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. DUIs can tarnish your reputation and change your life. This is why you need to find the best DUI lawyer for you.

Stephens & Brown, LLC, has experience with DUIs and knows firsthand how important it is to understand Georgia’s DUI laws.