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Scientists Find That the Human Brain Can ‘see’ the Future

The ability to see into the future is something a lot of people crave. We do not like unpredictability and not knowing what is going to happen next. Because of this, we find ways to try to predict the future and scientists now say we can. Our brains have evolved over time to help us get a better sense of our environment and in the same way, have developed ways of predicting and even anticipating the future.

What the Scientists Say

Scientists know two things about our brains and eyes; our eyes move faster than the brain and that the brain compensates for this by predicting the future. Because our eyes move very fast, the brain is unable to process all this information as it comes in because it is a lot of information. The brain predicts what is going to happen next as its way of ensuring continuity and so that we do not notice that there are gaps in the information the brain is receiving from our eyes.

The brain predicts the future and fills out these gaps using memories of past events. Things repeat themselves all the time. If you have ever been hit by a ball or something else, you learn to anticipate the pain that comes from being hit. So, the next time your brain notices a ball coming towards you, it will help you duck even before you know what has happened. In this instance, the brain knew what was going to happen in the future before you did.

There are certain things that we do as we fall into a rhythm. For example, you might go to bed and rise at the same time every day. Your brain knows what you will do in the future if you follow the same patterns. Have you ever woken up and found yourself in the bathroom holding a toothbrush ready to brush your teeth with no idea how you got there? That is your brain predicting what you are going to do and helping you do it without any active input from your conscious self.

Precognition is another way humans are thought to see into the future. It is widely thought to be real with a lot of people believing that psychics accurately predict the future all the time. There have been numerous reports of psychics predicting the future and describing events way before they happen.

The Scientific Research

To determine if we can see into the future, scientists used 27 volunteers. They monitored their visual cortex as the volunteers looked at optical illusions. The illusions were two flashing squares that looked like they were moving between two different locations, even though they were stationary. As the volunteers moved their eyes to follow the “moving” squares, scientists took images of their visual cortex.

They found that the volunteers moved their eyes to where they thought the cards were going to appear next and they were accurate most of the time.

From this research, scientists were able to determine that the brain can predict things before they happen and can anticipate the future.

Although this is just one study, scientists are always working on finding out if we can predict the future. Because it has already been proven that we can predict the future through the study discussed above, scientists are looking for ways to find out if we can see further than our immediate future.

Other Interesting Areas to Study

As mentioned above, a lot of people swear by precognition. They say future events appear to them in dreams and when they are in trance states. During these times, these people can see into the future and be able to tell others about forthcoming events. History is littered with people who have this ability and there are numerous reports documenting the same.

Apart from people with precognition abilities, there are those who are clairvoyant. These people have knowledge about things they should not know about. Most of them know about people, things or events they have no way of knowing about; some of them know about events that will happen in the future. Some of their predictions have come true although there is still a lot of skepticism about their abilities and whether they can see or even predict the future.

The problem is that if you believe in science, you might have a hard time believing that there are people who can see the future. People experience the world in different ways and the experience of others, whether supported by your beliefs or not, should not be diminished.

The ability to predict the future is something humans have craved for a long time. Since it has been proven we can predict the immediate future, we just have to wait for scientists to find out if we can see further into the future.

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