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Top Tips For Enhancing Your RV Experience

Whether you’re traveling a distance or staying close to home, vacationing in your RV should be an enjoyable experience. Before heading off on your journey it is important to familiarize yourself with the concept of RV-ing so that you are equipped with all of the necessary knowledge that will allow you to tackle any problems that may arise. 

Below, we have identified our top tips that will enhance your RV experience so you can make lots of memories encountering little stress along the way.

Have A Balance Between Planned And Unplanned Elements

Of course, planning plays a crucial role in ensuring that your trip runs smoothly. Awareness of the route that you will be following and the destination that you will be arriving at will eradicate unnecessary stress from the journey. However, it is also important to allow for spontaneity and so the unplanned elements of your trip will allow you to explore your surroundings and make great memories.

Pack The Essentials

When packing for a vacation it can often feel tempting to empty the contents of your wardrobe into a suitcase to ensure that you are prepared for all weathers and eventualities. However, this isn’t necessary and you should try to pack the essentials to eliminate the possibility of overloading your RV. Of course, you will need enough garments to see you through your travels but remember you will need to allow room for other essentials like food and water, cleaning supplies, a first aid kit, a tool kit, and more. 

Protect your belongings

For many, their RV is a home away from home, and adding some personal belongings and decor can be a great way of emphasizing this factor, but there is a risk of these items becoming damaged when the RV is in motion. Spending time safely preparing the contents of your RV each time you take to the road can be a time-consuming and tiresome task. Adding magnetic backings to decor will help to secure them in place. Command strips and velcro can also be used for securing items content inside cupboards etc that would otherwise be prone to movement. Implementing this idea will see you dedicating less time to ensuring that your belongings are safely stored.

Install an RV Soft Start

Your RV will benefit greatly from the installation of a soft start unit. A soft start kit helps to reduce the likeliness of an amp spike caused by the AC compressor. It does this by controlling the voltage over some time. Additionally, a soft start unit can also protect the compressor from damage caused by abnormal circumstances. There are several benefits associated with the installation of a soft start kit. It will ensure that the compressor runs smoothly and can also enhance the longevity of the unit. It will also reduce the startup power demand and such savings can then be dedicated to other purposes.

Set Yourself A Budget

When traveling in your RV it can be tempting to splurge on any purchase that you desire, after all, you are on holiday. However, setting yourself a budget will prove very useful. RV-ing isn’t cheap. From the tolls to the park fees and of course, the gas and such expenses can amount on a daily basis. Planning your daily outgoings with a budget in mind will make these expenses much more manageable. Also, seek cost-effective solutions when possible. Dine out when you fancy a treat but utilize the cooking appliances inside your RV too. A gas loyalties card can also offer some great perks often providing savings when it comes to filling up. 

Teach your Passengers To Drive

Being the designated driver can sometimes be a tiring task, particularly when embarking on lengthy journeys. Training a co-passenger to drive the vehicle will allow you to enjoy a well-needed rest and also alleviates you as being the only one responsible for driving the vehicle. Taking regular breaks is crucial for your safety and the safety of other road users. 

Park Your RV In The Shade

While the combination of heat and nice weather can make your vacation much more enjoyable, it can also make your living quarters unbearably warm. Parking your vehicle in the shade will reduce the intensity of the heat instead creating a much cooler area. As such, you can enjoy the heat as and when you like by simply venturing out into the warmer areas and then returning to the confines of your shaded RV when you choose. 

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