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How Jewellery Trends Have Evolved Over the Last 100 Years

The world of jewellery is a beautiful and ornate place to explore. It’s fascinating to see how much changed in the past century. What has stood the test of time and what has faded away entirely?

Art Deco

During the roaring 1920s, art deco was all the rage. It influenced so many styles – from buildings to cinema. Jewellery was no exception. The 20’s were a time of celebration and indulgence, and art deco fitted this perfectly. It was a style that screamed luxury and glamour. Jewellery was made from exquisite gems like diamonds and sapphires.


The Hollywood era kept this glamorous, bold, style during the 30’s. Plus it should be noted thanks to Hollywood starlet Marylin Monroe in the 40’s – diamonds were everywhere. It’s safe this one has stuck around, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Jewellery became more refined over the 1950’s, with diamonds still popping up, plus platinum became popular, too.


Then the 60’s swung into action. It was all about colour and being flamboyant. Plastic jewellery allowed ladies to stack their jewellery and create bold looks. Glass and crystal became popular materials, too. Jackie Kennedy was a style icon during this time. The plastic trend continued into the 70’s but it was more subdued and paired with gold and silver.

Punk Rock

In the 1980’s everything was big: from the hair to the music scene. Punk rock hit the radio, and the jewellery aisles. Faux pearls with gold, silver. No one was afraid to mix and match their looks. Even Princess Dianna. The punk choker reached its peak popularity in the 90’s. Like with any era, people turned to the red carpet for their fashion inspiration. Jennifer Anistion wore delicate pieces of silver, and saw a surge of this. David Beckham played an important role in men wearing jewellery.

Anything Goes

In the 2000’s hip hop became the genre that influenced fashion. Large hoops, layered chains and personalised jewellery were sought after looks. Fast forward ten years later to the 2010’s and it’s hard to pinpoint a definite trend. It’s taken the glamour of the art deco, the refined 50s and the boldness of 80s and 2000s. People can choose their own style. F Hinds has pieces for everyone.

It’s interesting to think which of these trends will make a comeback, and which will become a piece of history. Are there any jewellery trends you wish would make a comeback?