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Why CBD Works Differently For Everyone

Do you have that one friend that gets ‘happy’ after a few puffs? Do you have another one who never gets affected, irrespective of the number of rolls he takes? CBD is an awesome product that has been described as a ‘miracle’ drug. However, the way it affects people will differ. You may have heard some people say that CBD is a scam, while others describe how it has transformed their lives. Why do we have different camps while the product is the same? The following are some of the reasons why CBD products affect people differently:

CBD products are sourced from different places

It seems everyone wants to cash in through this new market. The number of vendors has thus been on the rise both on the online and offline fronts. Some vendors give free samples and only request the end-users to pay for shipping and try out these products. Some scammers are taking advantage of the loopholes in this market and coming up with substandard products.

An independent report generated by a group of researchers found out that only 31% of 84 samples collected contained the amount of CBD they had advertised on the labels. The good news is that you can get high-quality CBD products after ensuring that there is a 3rd party independent lab report that reveals the exact content of CBD in the products. You can also check customer reviews and evaluate the general mood of those who have used the products.

People lead different lifestyles

You may have heard people describe CBD as the ‘wonder’ drug. However, this does not mean that it will fix your bad lifestyle. The lifestyle choices you make will determine how CBD will react with your body. For instance, you cannot continue taking junk food and expect that CBD will help you shed that extra weight. It is okay to state that CBD works for many people, but that does not imply that it is a cure for all problems.

You need to ensure that you observe your feeding habits and general hygiene if you want the best out of CBD oil. It would be best if you realized that CBD is meant to be a supplement. It thus means it will supplement your other life choices. Sometimes CBD will only relieve you from pain, but you must get to the bottom of your problems if you want to lead a healthy life.

There are different types of CBD products

You may be spoilt for choice when you decide to shop for CBD products in the modern market. It even gets worse as every vendor wants to prove how their products are amazing. You must decide what you want to achieve from these products before you make a purchase decision.

Do you want something to relieve you from anxiety, or you want to feel ‘high’? You will realize that a product with less than 0.3% THC will not make you feel high, and you may end up branding CBD as a ‘scam’.

The CBD product source is another important consideration when analyzing how the products will react with your system. The two main plant species are Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. If you are looking forward to sedating effects, then indica is a good bet. However, you can opt for Sativa if you want something that will energize your system.

Different people have different genetic makeups

Some people get instant results after taking CBD products. However, others will take weeks or even months before they can realize these effects. Most people have to experiment with CBD products before they can get their desired results. The endocannabinoid system determines if the CBD products will show effects right away or after some time. Some systems need to get ‘used’ to CBD products before they can fully react. However, others will react right away and bring the desired effects.

There are different delivery systems

Some of the most common CBD forms include tinctures, vape oils, tinctures, capsules, and edibles such as gummies. You may find that smoking never seems to work for you. On the other hand, trying something else such as tinctures can be the answer to your problems. Bioavailability (the amount of CBD that gets to your bloodstream) is an important consideration.

Some forms, such as CBD gummies, will have to go through your digestive system before finally getting to your bloodstream. Something like a tincture will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. However, you must also note that your end goals will also determine the best delivery system. Topical CBD can help sore muscles, but it is not the right delivery system for panic attacks.

You can now tell why you never got the ‘desired’ results after taking the CBD products. Understanding that there are different types of CBD products, the choice of lifestyle, your genetic composition, and your patience affects how CBD products react with your body will help you make informed decisions.