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Reasons Why You Still Need a Travel Agent

The processes involved in traveling can be very tasking and exhausting, especially if the traveler is not conversant with the procedures and the location of their choice. This challenge comes with questions such as: Where can I travel to? Where will I put up? Which means of transportation is most suitable?  What will be the schedule of my itinerary? How will I make my trip enjoyable and worthwhile? All these questions and many more pose a severe issue in the mind of any traveler.

In solving most of these questions, there is a need for a travel specialist popularly called a travel agent; one who specializes in handling travel related issues.

With the growing influence of the internet, people have argued that they can book for flights and make reservations for themselves online, so a travel agent is no longer needed. Some others have also argued that the job of a travel agent cannot go into extinction. Thus the need to evaluate the importance of a travel agent.

Who is a travel agent?

A travel agent is someone who specializes in arranging travels for individuals, groups, or corporate bodies and is also responsible for providing satisfactory services for clients. Such services include booking of hotels, giving counsel for the best travel insurance, the most affordable airlines, tours, car rentals, etc.

A travel agent can also be called a booking agent, travel counselor, booking specialist among others. A travel agent is one who arranges/handles traveling related issues for travelers ranging from transportation, costs to tours and trips. Travel agents are sometimes employed by travel agencies or a travel merchant, hotels, Insurance companies, etc. while some other travel agents are freelancers

Having considered the meaning of a travel agent extensively, why then do you still need one. The role of a travel agent cannot be ruled out when it comes to travel-related issues. Below are some of the reasons why you still need a travel agent:

To simplify the Travelling process:

As earlier stated, the processes involved in traveling tends to be cumbersome and time-consuming; it is, therefore, vital to have someone whose area of expertise is to plan travels. A travel agent helps in simplifying these processes by planning, making choices, dishing out advice to their clients, and working within the budget set by their client. They help in supervising all details from the selection of airlines, to getting flight tickets, hotel reservations, means of transportation, etc

Planning for vacation trips:

Are you thinking of a suitable place to go on vacation or how to make the holiday worthwhile? A travel agent is what you need. The travel agent will help you plan on where to go and the various tourist attractions you can visit to make your vacation a memorable one.

Booking for hotels and tickets:

Booking for accommodation or vouchers can be very demanding and time-consuming. Thus to save you the headaches that come with this, you need a travel agent to help make reservations for you through booking. This point is very beneficial for people who are always busy at work and do not have time for the specifics for booking for flights and accommodation. A travel agent in terms of scheduling for hotels and flight tickets is also beneficial when a large group of people is involved. For example, a church congregation going for a tour or a camp meeting, etc.

To make informed choices:

Are you confused about your holiday or work-leave plans? Then you need a travel agent who by virtue of their work, has a lot of experience. They have moved from country to country, thus having a great deal of knowledge about where to go or stay, especially if it’s your first time visiting that place. A travel agent will provide you with adequate information about your trip such as languages, safety information, flight schedules, transportation option, attractions, costs, etc. which will, in turn, enable the traveler to make satisfactory choices.


Travel agents have fantastic resources at their disposal. Being that they have a good knowledge of the environment and a good rapport with the hotel management, transportation companies, resort, etc. A travel agent can get you out of weather delays and closures, help you track your lost luggage, rebook missed flights, get a seat reservation for you in that expensive restaurant, get you a last minute ticket into that concert/show.

Here is an example of a testimonial about a travel agent (no names mentioned for security reasons)—and putting it in his own words—; “He practically extracted me before the hurricane hit, by getting me a quick ride to the airport and the last seat on the last flight out.”


Different things can happen at any given time, luggage gets lost, accidents happen, people get sick, and trips need cancelation.  Your travel agent can offer insurance in several ways or get you the best insurance deal. They ensure that you have the correct travel documents, so the ship doesn’t sail without you. When things go wrong or sideways, they have the contacts to get you to the top of the line. If you booked online, you might not be able to call the internet when you are stranded.

In conclusion, even with the growing influence of the internet, you still need a travel agent, especially if you desire for that trip, vacation, tour, etc. to be hassle-free and a memorable one.