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Things to Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery

Like any other type of surgery, plastic surgery requires some preparation to minimize the risk of complications and attain optimal results. If you seek the help of Dr. Eric Barker in Denver, he will let you know what to expect. Keep reading to learn more about plastic surgery and what to consider before getting it.

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Plastic surgery will not always give you perfect results. If you set your expectations too high, you will be disappointed. Think of plastic surgery as something that can improve your appearance and bring out your best appearance. Do not rely on it to fix underlying personal issues. Expect the process to be imperfect. The recovery time may be long and you may have to deal with certain risks.

2. Find the Right Doctor

The doctor you choose for your plastic surgery will have a significant effect on the results. Your plastic surgeon should be certified and experienced. You should have an assurance that the doctor you choose works in a licensed facility with experienced nurses and health care providers. On the date of the consultation, ask your doctor about their procedures and experience.

3. Consider the Expense

Your health insurance plan does not always cover plastic surgery. Think about the cost of surgery before getting it. This includes the procedure, additional corrective procedures, and the cost of follow-up care. If you are concerned about the cost, speak to your doctor about the possibility of financing. Do not go for the cheapest plastic surgeons as they don’t always offer the best services. The cost of surgery should match the level of care you receive and the expertise of your doctor.

4. Think About the Recovery Process

Your recovery time after plastic surgery depends on the type of surgery you get and the type of anesthesia your doctor uses. If you need multiple procedures, the recovery time can be longer. While some types of surgery only require a day to recovery, others can take months. Speak with your doctor about the physical effects of the surgery before getting it.

If the nature of your surgery requires you to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks, arrange to have support for your daily activities. You may be unable to do activities such as driving, cleaning, and preparing meals. Do not plan any vacations or special events during the recovery period. If you smoke, your doctor may recommend that stop as smoking could slow down the recovery process.

5. Your General Health Matters

If you are in poor health, plastic surgery may not be the right option. The right candidates should be non-smokers and at a stable weight. If you are struggling with obesity, consider postponing the procedure. A healthy weight reduces your risk of complications.

The decision to get plastic surgery is personal. Before proceeding with it, ensure that you have the right doctor. Speak with them about the risks of your procedures, recovery time, and cost. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare well for the procedure.